Salem launches a new meetup for the social techie types: SalemTribe

You know me. I’m a big fan of the techie type get togethers. Beer and Blog, Ignite Portland, camp camp campity camps, user groups. They’re all part of what make the Portland tech community, well, a community.

And so it’s always great to see other Oregon tech communities taking on similar communal kinds of things. Salem is doing just that. Introducing SalemTribe.

While the group—started by Vin Thomas and Bo Lane—is still in its formative stages, it seems to be moving in the right direction.

This group is an outlet for like-minded individuals that share a common passion for social media and the creative online community (blogs, website development, graphic design, the internet, etc) to get together and learn how to better utilize these resources – and the relationships we will build – to further us as leaders in our community and in our respective fields. As we gather together, we’ll explore new and creative mediums and learn from people smarter than we are – as well as allow corporate time to ask questions or share some tips you and I have learned along the way.

But even though they’re still getting ramped up, they’ve already slated their first meeting: Monday, October 5, 2009 at 6:30pm. And it will feature none other than our own Aaron Hockley, the force behind WordCamp Portland, creator of Social Photo Talk, and event photographer extraordinaire. Word around the campfire is that he’s been known to use Twitter once or twice, as well.

Hockley will be covering the basics of social media in a talk entitled “Social Media: Ignore the ‘Experts’ and Build Influence Naturally.”

Interested in seeing how this new Salem contingent comes together? You can follow SalemTribe on Twitter or visit the SalemTribe blog.

  1. Thanks for the write-up. We are so jazzed about this event. It should be great!

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