Jive Market Engagement promises to help companies monitor—and effectively participate in—social media

There are any number of techniques for listening to what’s happening in the world of social media, from simple Google Alerts to complex Yahoo! Pipes. But what happens when you’re a company that wants to move from lurking to participating?

Well, Portland-based Jive Software has announced a new solution that may help, Jive Market Engagement.

The product is based on the concept that the Web is fleeting. And if your company doesn’t participate at the right time, then your company is missing out on a variety of opportunities. Worse yet, your company may be sending mixed signals to your customers depending on who is responding to whom.

Long story short, companies don’t have any way of dealing with social media in an organized way. And that’s what Jive hopes to fix.

Instead of person managing a Facebook page or a series of Twitter accounts, Jive Market Engagement promises an organized and concerted effort of monitoring and conversing via social media—by combining monitoring with other components of Jive Social Business Software.

It’s like Customer Relationship Management software has suddenly caught up with, well, customer relationships.

To truly derive value from social media monitoring, you don’t need a big team. You just need the ability to share what you learn from your listening platform in order to contribute to the overall knowledgebase of the company and to ensure that appropriate and timely responses occur 100% of the time.

Another important component of the solution? Radian6.

Marketing teams use an integrated social media monitoring platform powered by Radian6 to listen across the social web for real-time dialogue about and around a brand. The monitoring platform locates discussions about an organization on blog posts, videos and photos, forums, mainstream online news, and micromedia like FriendFeed and Twitter.

How’s all of the magic work? Well, that’s not exactly clear. But there is a Webcast on September 29 that should explain more.

In the meantime, you can read more about Jive Market Engagement or read the press release.


  1. Rick,

    Thank you for covering this announcement. We are very excited about the opportunities this partnership will give the social media community. Please stay tuned for more about how all the bells and whistles will work.

    Lauren Vargas
    Community Manager at Radian6

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