Rumor: WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg will be at Beer and Blog

[HTML2]Now you know how I struggle with the rumors. Generally, I don’t post anything until I’ve had the chance to check it out. I mean, just look at what all you crazy Portlanders did with that Dave Chappelle rumor.

But this one falls into the “fairly certain” category. And since I’m convinced that Portland loves WordPress and beer almost as much as it loves Chappelle I’m going with it: Matt Mullenweg—none other than the guy who created WordPress—will be at Beer and Blog, this Friday.

Now why would this rumor have any validity whatsoever? Well, Matt is in town to speak at WordCamp Portland. And Jane Wells—whom I always believe—has hinted that she is going to drag him along to the Green Dragon.

Why is this newsworthy? Well because it means even the folks who didn’t get into WordCamp Portland will get a chance to meet Matt while he’s here in town. Potentially. And we’ll get to show him what a WordPress loving town Portland is. Maybe.

So, I’m pretty sure there’s potentially an opportunity to meet Matt at Beer and Blog. Maybe. Need more inspiration? Well, here’s an artist’s my crappy rendition of what it might look like to have Matt at Beer and Blog.


Looking forward to seeing you—and of course Matt—at the Green Dragon for Beer and Blog.

And of course, as always, this is just between you and me. I mean, he’s only bringing a tiny little amp.

(Hat tip WordCamp Portland organizer Aaron Hockley. Photo montage courtesy of images by Aaron Hockley and Don Park. Used with permission and under Creative Commons, respectively.)


  1. #wordpress Rumor: WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg will be at Beer and Blog … http://tinyurl.com/ntsz76

  2. @jaredsouney: so, you’re gonna go to wordcamp portland? Our fearless leader is there. 😉 http://bit.ly/3nLzHL

  3. ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!!1 What if he shows up?! I may cut off a piece of his clothing for a souvenir. Too much?

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