What down economy? Five Portland startups looking to hire developers and technical talent

highlighting the fact that there are five Portland-area startup or startup-ish companies—and all companies for whom I would love to work—looking to hire some technical talent. Right now.

[HTML1]Anyone who reads Silicon Florist on a regular basis may quickly come to the conclusion that I have something nice to say about practically anything going on in the Portland startup scene. And yes, that conclusion is probably correct. So if I’ve got something nice to say about every little thing then why should a supposedly sour economy be any different? I mean, I can find something nice to say about it, right?

Or maybe I can just dodge the question by highlighting the fact that there are five Portland-area startup or startup-ish companies—and all companies for whom I would love to work—looking to hire some technical talent. Right now.

Who’s doing the hiring? Well, let’s take a look.

Dark Horse

Okay. Granted Dark Horse isn’t exactly a startup. But it is cool. And it’s looking for a developer with some awesome chops. So I’m including it. I mean, like you wouldn’t want to work at Dark Horse?

Web/Python Developer

Dark Horse Comics is seeking an experienced web developer at our office in Milwaukie Oregon. If you have a passion for developing reusable object-oriented code and like a creative and casual work environment, then look no further!

Front-End Web Developer

Dark Horse Comics is seeking an experienced front-end web developer to join the development team at our office in Milwaukie Oregon. The ideal candidate will have very strong skills in web design and UI/UX, including deep knowledge of CSS, Javascript, HTML, and media/image management. You should also have experience developing in PHP, Python, Ruby, or another server-side language, preferably working within an existing application framework or CMS.

For more information on these gigs, visit Dark Horse.


Want to work for an awesome incubator and Web consultancy that boasts tools like Lighthouse, Warehouse, and Tender, which is possibly one of the best support apps ever?

We’re looking for passionate, talented and experienced developers to join our Ruby on Rails team. You’ll be working with the absolute best in the industry, expect to be challenged to the limits of your skills every day. You’ll also need to bring some of your own knowledge to the team.

For more information, visit ENTP.

Plus, if you act now? You may get the opportunity to work with Josh Pyles.


Want the chance to work with some incredibly thought-provoking and startup-favorite developers here in town? Like Matt King and Scott Andreas? Then you might want to kick your resume in for the HTML/CSS/Javascript developer they’re seeking.

For more information, visit Instrument.

Puppet Labs (formerly known as Reductive Labs)

Love the idea of working with open source data center automation tools? Of course you do. And that’s why you should be firing your resume off to the folks at Puppet Labs, immediately. But before you do, I thought it might be helpful to have a job title or two to throw in the subject line.

How about one of these?

Core Developer

This position mostly focuses on the development of the Puppet core. It is a weirdly CS-y position – you’ll be working on parser generators, graph libraries and sorting algorithms, state machines, human and computer interface design, and more, all on an open source project in use at thousands of organizations around the world.

Web Developer

This position has a double focus on building great interfaces, applications, and services in the Puppet ecosystem while also working with the Puppet to define the next generation of APIs it should expose. As a result, applications should have strong design and interface experience but also be opinionated on RESTful APIs and data modeling.

Puppet Consultant

Do you make the people around you better at what they do? Presenting and evangelizing sound fun? Has Puppet made your life easier? Are your friends and family tired of hearing about the magic you perform at work everyday? Bring your passion and your skill to Puppet Labs. Help drive the direction of the Puppet project, work with the world wide Puppet community, and become part of the systems automation revolution.

And again, you can apply for any of those positions at Puppet Labs.

Urban Airship

Last but certainly not least, the folks over at Urban Airship are looking to staff up on development resources. They’ve already done a ton with four people. Just imagine what they could do with more?

We’re taking a stab at building the next generation smartphone infrastructure layer, and we need experienced developers who can work at every layer of our stack. That means that you would be working on everything from the Django API layer to our message delivery system to helping people with support requests – in other words, somebody who will be right in the middle of it all along with us. You’d be joining a small team that’s tackling massive challenges that uses Python everywhere.

For more information on the company or to apply, visit Urban Airship.

Did I miss your company’s gig?

What’s that? You’re looking for developer talent too? Well why didn’t you say so? Please comment below so that all those talented development types can start sending their credentials and whatnot your way.

(Hat tip MT Richardson) (Image courtesy Blackdenimgumby. Used under Creative Commons.)

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  7. For those pointing to the PDX Technology Professionals group: jobs there are usually for larger corporations. Clearly the LinkedIn group (or LinkedIn?) is not working for the smaller, more dynamic shops that have posted here.

  8. ShopIgniter, Inc is also hiring: Interface Engineer, PHP Developers, Account Manager, Project Manager, Inside Sales Director

  9. Thanks @einar. New ventures need a lot of things. Post any and all of them at http://www.venturemash.net/needs. We’re trying to help startups during their early stages so the listings are free.

    Job postings, contract gigs, co-founders, advisors, whatever.

  10. Yeah, I’m with jmartens here – let’s not freakin’ re-invent LinkedIn!!!

  11. […] week, Cami Kaos and I cover jobs at Portland startups, Portland’s take on the iPad, WordPress for iPad, Rock Show, Geomena API, Google Buzz privacy […]

  12. Folks should take a look at posting their positions on VentureMash.net as well, another Portland startup that’s providing a valuable service. We’ve used it before and had positive results.

  13. @JMartens Maybe LinkedIn doesn’t seem to be solving the problem? I don’t know. But if those resources already exist and people are still interested in maybe pursuing something like that here, it seems to be worth the time to give it a shot.

    And yes, there was a previous job board that was retired. Yet I’m often asked if it’s coming back. Now seems to be a viable time to give it another go.

  14. Didn’t you already try a silicon florist job board?

    Not to over promote, but the PDX Technology Professionals group on LinkedIn is an active forum with a dedicated jobs section. Why recreate the wheel? The group also has a Twitter account and FB group where jobs are cross posted.

  15. Rick – I think it would be valuable.

    We’re looking for a Rails dev at WTM – and we are also a Portland start up. Would love to have this forum for job announcements.

  16. Thanks, Joshua! I really appreciate the feedback. I’ll take a look at that tool.

  17. The online forum would be nice, but it would be even better to have a job board associated with Silicon Florist. We have a couple other Portland area job boards, but Silicon Florist’s reach is a little more targeted. There are a couple of great online tools for publishing job boards. My personal favorite is JobThread (http://www.jobthread.com/publishers).

    I would post to your board. (And the County isn’t even really a start up–though you could say that we are continuously bootstrapping as our tax revenue wanes.)

  18. The response to this post has me thinking… Would it be valuable to have a venue here for posting this kind of stuff on a regular basis? Like an old school online forum of sorts? Would that be helpful to folks?

  19. Hey Rick.
    It’s Laszlo. Ad you may have heard my co danube was acquired by CollabNet a few weeks ago. CollabNet is hiring sales and marketing folks in Portland and devs in Bellevue

    Hope all is well.

  20. Jive Software is growing fast, hiring in all areas! Tell them I sent you.

    WeoGeo is also hiring, looking for a Ruby on Rails & JavaScript developer.

  21. Hey, I’ll jump on this bandwagon.

    Decipher is hiring! http://www.authenticjobs.com/jobs/5053 We’re looking for a Python developer.

  22. Kari Chisholm April 6, 2010 at 2:30 am

    HEY! I thought we were told that if Measures 66 and 67 passed, all the venture-capital backed companies would up and leave – or wither up and die. Or something like that.

    Glad to see that the sky didn’t fall.

  23. Avatron Software is looking for talented Cocoa touch engineers to help us write useful apps for the iPhone and iPad. We’re in downtown Portland. For more information, please visit http://www.avatron.com/jobs, or just send a resume to jobs@avatron.com.

  24. Questions: Do any of these companies offer paid internships/apprenticeships? Entry/intermediate level work? Would start-ups use cheaper labor for remedial tasks, or would that be something they look into after becoming established?

  25. Wow – what great news for the Portland tech scene. Looks like a lot of focus on non-PHP high-level languages (Ruby, Python, JS), but it sounds like PDX is becoming a hotspot for Obj-C too. Should be good for the ecosystem as a whole.

  26. JanRain posted a job in the PDX Tech group on LinkedIn. In fact, the group has 45 recently posted positions.


  27. FMYI is looking for Java developers interested in sustainability:


  28. Rick, you keep forgetting about New Relic!

    We’re looking to hire great Ruby developers. Right smack downtown, bicycle commuters, full benefits, …


  29. It’s a bit further out of PDX, but if you’re looking for a change of scenery G5 Search Marketing in Bend is looking for rails engineers: http://www.g5searchmarketing.com/jobs/?p=62

    Coincidently, just today Outside Magazine named us to their 50 Best Places to Work in America list: http://bit.ly/dmdHBz

  30. Thomson Reuters – Sabrix: Looking for an SAP Systems Businesss Analyst to work within product management / development organization. Also looking for a VAT Product Manager.


  31. We are hiring an opensource developer at Multnomah County. More information and application instructions can be found at http://agency.governmentjobs.com/multnomah/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=218283. (The application process is a bit laborious, but worth it.)

  32. Handmark is looking for Android Developers to continue to extend our platform.


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