Portland Calagator spawns Bend BendCal and Corvallis Corvalligator, asks for your feedback

Whenever anyone asks me “How would I keep up on the events in the Portland tech scene?” I always blurt out two things immediately. The first thing I mention is Upcoming, the social event sharing service currently owned by Yahoo! that was started by Andy Baio who now resides in Portland. There’s a ton of Portland event goodness on there.

The second? Well, that’s Calagator, the home grown open source tech calendar that allows folks to post events directly—or slurp events over from other services like Upcoming. I mean, it’s a calendar aggregator. Calendar aggregator. Calagator. Get it? Hello? Tap tap tap. Is this thing on?

In any case, it’s become apparent that the serve Calagator provides is so valuable, that other communities are using the code base to create their own tech calendars. Most notably, it’s been adopted by other Oregon towns like Corvallis and Bend.

But with this growing popularity comes the concerns of supporting the growing Calagator community. And as such, the folks behind the Calagator project are encouraging you to ask them questions.

Maybe you already know everything you want to about Calagator. It is pretty easy to use, after all. But perhaps after over two years of it being out in Portland’s tech community (as well as communities around the world), there are a few things you’d like to know. Post your questions in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer them here on the blog.

So if you’ve been Calagator curious or looking for some additional features or simply wondering where the heck social calendaring goes from here, submit your questions to the Calagator team.


  1. Here’s the comment I just left on their site: I use Upcoming or Eventbrite so that I can manage RSVPs for a variety of free events… I know that you guys [the Calagator team] have been working on the feature for a while; it’s really the one reason why I don’t pay much attention to Calagator at this point. While I’d love to support the local guy, I need the features that the non-local guy has :/

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