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Job? Job? Who’s got the Portland job? Oh. These folks do.

You can feel it. There’s a chill in the air. The holidays are coming up. Business is starting to get a little sleepy. Things are starting to slow down.

But that’s not always the case for the startups around Portland. You may have a new job to start the new year. So take advantage of the slow down and scope out some new jobs. Read More

Let’s put Oregon back to work. Or at least Portland. Here are some options.

Okay kids. The elections are over. We have a new governor for Oregon. And what was one of the primary campaign promises? That’s right. Putting Oregon back to work.

Well, I don’t know about Oregon. But these folks are all ready to put Portland back to work. So let’s take a look, shall we? Read More

Portland tech jobs abound. Find yourself a new gig.

It’s another week, and that means there’s another bevy of awesome Portland tech jobs available for you to peruse.

I mean, if you’re looking for a job in Portland or looking for a new job in Portland, there’s any number of amazing opportunities for you. And if you’re a company looking for talent, the Silicon Florist job and gig board is a great place to start. Read More

Need a new gig? Jama Software seems to be jumping

Okay. I know I usually save these job posts until the end of the week. But man oh man, Jama Software? You know, that Portland startup that builds collaboration tools to help companies build great products?

Well, if you don’t know about Jama, you should. They’re a local success story. And Jama just so happens to have seven open positions right now. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look. Read More

Startup and tech jobs in Portland, Oregon, or it’s Friday and I’m running out of creative headlines

So, you’re looking for a gig are you? Maybe a job with one of them there startup thingamajiggers? Well you’re a bright kid. I can see that going well for you. What’s that? You don’t know where to start?

Oh. Well let me see if I can help. There are a ton of awesome Portland startups hiring right now. So why not take the opportunity to thumb through the Silicon Florist job and gig board to see if one strikes your fancy? Read More

Who’s hiring? ActiveTrak (x3), CardPower, New Relic, Puppet Labs, and Urban Airship

It’s a beautiful fall day out there, Portland. Why not find a nice new job to go along with it?

You can, you know? Right here. At the Silicon Florist job and gig board. And you will hardly believe your eyes when you see all of the awesome jobs available this week. So get on that. And get to applying. Read More

Work it, Portland: ActiveTrak, CardPower, Instrument, Rumblefish, and Urban Airship are all hiring

[HTML4]Why hello there you strapping young lad and/or go getting young lady. Or maybe you’re older. Whatever. I can’t really see you so well from here. But what I can see is that you look like you could use some gainful employment.

You could? Well you’re in luck, because there’s a whole bucketload of awesome startups looking to hire you. Yes, you! Step right this way. Read More

Labor Day weekend means jobs, gigs, and Portland people for hire

It’s the eve of Labor Day weekend. So what better time to think about work? Work work work.

What? No wait! Don’ go running away. I’m not asking you to do work. I’m just taking an opportunity to tell you about the awesome jobs, gigs, and people available on the Silicon Florist Job and Gig board. Read More

You look like you could use a different job… or maybe a job, period.

So you’re looking for something new to do? Well, it wouldn’t hurt to look at a job board or two. And have I got the job board for you.

Well, yeah. It’s a little self-serving, I admit. But it’s also got some great jobs on there. What kinds of jobs you ask? Let me tell you. Read More

Gigs: FINE is hiring

San-Francisco-based FINE is a high-end studio focused on the marriage of form and function. The company approaches every project with a fresh perspective and open minds, and strive to determine the most appropriate solution for the task at hand. They believe subtleties in design and behaviors make an important difference.

Think you’re subtle? There may be a gig for you—in Portland.

That’s right. They also have a Portland office.

FINE Design Group’s looking for developers with advanced skills in HTML and CSS layout, able to work with variety of web technologies: PHP, JavaScript and maybe even a little JSP.

I’d love to provide a direct link to the gig descriptions, but the entire site is Flash. So, I can’t.

Please visit FINE Design Group or email

(Hat tip Portland Web Innovators)

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