Mentors, user groups, and seed funding: Portland Development Commission finishes up the startup and tech community conversation

For all the awesomeness that is the Portland startup and tech scene, there are still a few things that could use a little work. Things like finding mentors to help startups and founders find success. Establishing funding—like the Portland Seed Fund—to help sustain the efforts of entrepreneurs. And providing space for ad hoc and organized groups and events to gather.

Well, the Portland Development Commission (PDC) wants to help solve those problems. All of them. Because it’s really only a combination of all of them that will help us build a sustainable startup environment around here. But to do that, the PDC needs your feedback, please.

Also? This is the last time they’re going to ask. For now. I mean, this completes the series of surveys.

“What series of surveys?” you ask with a quizzical look on your face.

Our first survey in April benefited from the involvement of more than 280 respondents who identified the issues that affect our region’s software professionals most.

Our second survey looked into the issues affecting the alignment of our community and logged more than 300 respondents.

In today’s survey we want to hear your ideas about 3 major issues that were identified by these previous surveys and test a few of the ideas that were suggested in those survey responses.

Why are they doing this? Well, you may remember that the City of Portland has formalized efforts to support the entrepreneurial community and this survey is part of that effort.

Last year, for the first time in 15 years, the City of Portland adopted a five-year strategic plan for enhancing the competitiveness of the software companies in the region. Since April, we have been supporting their efforts by helping to design a pair of surveys and asking you to share your perspectives and ideas.

So hey. It’s Friday. Take a few extra minutes and give the PDC a piece of your mind. If we can fix the mentors, funding, and space problems? Something tells me this startup community may have the chance to be more kick ass than it already is. Responding to the PDC survey can help make that kick assedness happen, so get on that.

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