Sad news: InstantAction now instantly inactive

Well, crap. I hate reporting this stuff.

Remember exactly one year ago yesterday when the Garage Games spinoff/fork InstantAction moved to town? And how we were all excited to have a gaming company calling Portland home?

Well, unfortunate news today. InstantAction is no more.

A simple, sad messages greets visitors to the formerly dynamic site.

InstantAction thanks all of its users and customers for their support over the years.

While InstantAction.com is no longer available, Torquepowered.com will continue to provide downloads of InstantAction’s Torque Game Engine and popular games made using Torque.

Thank you,


There is currently no announcement from @instantaction on Twitter.

For more, see Mike Rogoway’s write up on InstantAction’s demise.

The sad news is that this means there are a lot of talented developers and such out on the street now. Having just been moved up here from Eugene. Upside? Those shops that are looking for developers with that whole dearth of development talent here, there, and everywhere? Those Portland shops that are hiring might be able to pick up some really good folks.

If you’re someone who is without work because of the InstantAction closure, feel free to comment or drop me an email at siliconflorist@gmail.com. Let’s see what we can do.

Torque Powered nee Garage Games remains a going concern.

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