When one door closes another opens… and here are some of those open doors in Portland

There’s been unfortunate news of shut downs and layoffs this week. But let’s focus on the positive—especially for those folks who are now looking for work.

Good news? Portland startups are hiring. So let’s take a look at who needs whom to do what.

Agile Ruby Developer at AboutUs

We are looking for team-focused, talented programmers. Demonstrated proficiency in Ruby/Rails is a plus. The successful candidate will be punctual, self-motivated, an excellent verbal and written communicator, and comfortable in our fast-paced, highly energetic environment.

For more information, see Agile Ruby Developer at AboutUs.

Programmer-Analyst at CTC Consulting

CTC is seeking an experienced programmer/analyst for its Portland, Oregon office. This position reports to the director of technology, and will also work closely with members of the I.T. team, the performance reporting group and the consulting and research departments.

For more information, see Programmer-Analyst at CTC Consulting.

Technical Product Manager at Janrain

As Technical Product Manager, you will guide the development team to build products from existing ideas, and help to develop new ideas based on your vision, industry experience and your contact with customers and developers. You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; a big-picture vision, and the drive to make that vision a reality. You must enjoy spending time in the market to understand their problems, and find innovative solutions for the broader market. You must have a passion for the social web.

For more information, see Technical Product Manager at Janrain.

Drupal Developer at The New Group

You make cross-browser websites that render on anything from bleeding edge HTML5 engines to a VT102 terminal. You write beautiful code that’s accessible and standards-based. Your pages almost never have any validation errors because you didn’t write any. You might not like IE6, but you know how to make it do all sorts of modern tricks. You also know and love content management systems, particularly Drupal and WordPress, and are adept at both architecting sites and filling in with custom modules, and theme development. Source control is old hat to you. You have a broad base of development skills across a variety of languages, but are deep in PHP.

For more information, see Drupal Developer at The New Group.

Office Admin at Small Society

We are looking for a Jack- or Jane-of-all-trades to help our office stay organized & on top of things.

We’re a small (growing) software company that does platform strategy, user experience design, and software development for the iPhone platform (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad!) We have a great downtown location, and you would be working with smart & fun co-workers.

For more information, see Office Admin at Small Society.

Developer at Spot Color Studio

Spot Color Studio is looking for a full time developer to join our growing creative agency. Most of our custom-designed sites use CMS, specifically WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Many include shopping carts, databases and/or animation.

For more information, see Developer at Spot Color Studio.

Systems Engineer at Webtrends

This role requires senior level experience with network, server, and storage systems. You will be responsible for project management and documentation as well as technical implementation. You should be accountable, diligent, determined, focused, and fun to work with!

For more information, see Systems Engineer at Webtrends.

Need a hand? Need employees?

If you’re interested in posting full time positions or even just temporary gigs, check out the Silicon Florist job and gig board. You’ll get in front of the most intelligent and savvy tech types in the Portland area. The only downside? You’ll have too many awesome resumes from which to choose. Sad.

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