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Is that LexisNexis in your Iterasi archives or are you just happy to see me?

One of my favorite quiet little engine that could startups here in town is Iterasi. They don’t make a lot of noise. But when they do? It’s a big boom. And apparently, they’re not so quiet anymore.

In October, Iterasi announced a big partnership with NTIS. Now, it’s another month and another gigantic announcement. On the last day of November, Iterasi has announced that they’ve signed a partnership with LexisNexis Reed Technology Web Archiving Services. Read More

PositivePress: Iterasi uses Web archiving technology to track traditional and social media coverage

[HTML2]Now, you may not realize this, but during my day job I’m constantly sifting through media reports. Gargantuan PDFs or documents that contain a series of clipped links and snippets about specific clients or subjects. The reports are unwieldy at best. And I can only imagine what kind of workload this effort creates for the agencies that compile them for me—and any number of other clients—on a daily basis.

Long story short, the whole “tracking media coverage” thing—whether for PR firms or otherwise—could use some help. And don’t even get me started on the whole social media angle.

But now, there may be hope. You see, Portland-based Iterasi might have an answer with their latest effort. Introducing PositivePress from Iterasi. Read More