Like to code? Like to talk about code? Submit a proposal to speak at Portland Code Camp 2012

Sometimes, coding can be a bit of a solitary existence. That’s why we’ve got IRC and whatnot.

But sharing your knowledge with other developers in person can be incredibly powerful. And that’s why we have events like Code Camp Portland. Where you’re going to speak, right?

Show us some wonderful piece of technology that you’ve worked with. Share a great tool that everyone should know about. Demonstrate a cool way that you solved an interesting problem. At Portland Code Camp we like to see more code than slides, show us how it’s put together and how it works.

All languages, all technologies, and all platforms are welcome! As software developers, we share a lot in common regardless of the languages and tools we are using. We love solving problems and finding new ways to bring our software skills to bear on problems. At Portland Code Camp we celebrate our common interests and we get to learn how other people are solving similar problems in different ways. That could be for a server or a smartphone, the browser or the desktop, open source or commercial software, something serious for work or fun for entertainment. It’s all welcome at Portland Code Camp. So tell us about something new, something you find valuable in your work, or that side project that keeps you fresh and learning new things!

It’s the perfect time to get out in front of folks and talk about stuff you love. To submit your talk, visit Portland Code Camp proposals.

But do it quickly. Applications close today.

(Image courtesy Jarkko Laine. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. M. Edward (Ed) Borasky May 25, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    Dang! Between Code Camp, Vibrant Data Project and Hack for Schools, June 2 is looking pretty busy. I need one more event so I can throw a tetrahedral die to choose! 😉

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