Month: May 2012

Broadway bound: Elemental Technologies adds another $13 million in funding

For many, outside funding can be a vote of confidence. And if investors sinking another $13 million into Portland startup Elemental Technologies is any indication, folks are fairly confident in what Elemental is doing. Read More


Portland 100: Nitin Khanna introduces the team taking Portland startups to the next level

[Editor: We first started hearing about the concept of the Portland 100, last year. Now, it has become a reality. Nitin Khanna, creator of the concept, has been kind enough to provide some additional details on what the program hopes to accomplish.] Read More

Jive gets Cloudy. Or the Cloud gets Jivey. Either way, Jive is now available as Software as a Service (SaaS)

Enterprise software is a huge business. But the world of installed software and corporate server farms dwindles every day. Today, it’s dwindling even more.

Following in the footsteps of juggernauts like, Jive Software has made the decision to move their service to the Cloud. Read More

VendScreen and Goodie Monster: Could Portland be the epicenter of vending machine innovation?

When you think of the vending machine industry, you probably don’t think “innovation.” But two Portland companies are working very hard to bring some new thinking to a rather stagnant market.

One company is changing the machines from the outside. One is changing machines from the inside. Read More

A chunk of the BioShock team regroups in Portland as The Fullbright Company

There’s a small but growing group of game developers here in Portland. Some of them have built awesome stuff. Some are in the midst of creating amazing games. And some have the potential to do something incredible.

So when you encounter a group that has all three of those qualities? You take notice. Meet The Fullbright Company. Read More

Meet the Startup: OEN Angel Oregon 2012 recap

While we love meeting startups one-on-one, we never pass up a chance to meet startups, en masse. And OEN Angel Oregon 2012 seemed to be the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Take a look back at the competition and the startups who made it an event to remember. Read More

Emoome: Are you trying to get all emotional on me?

In a day and age where we can track where we’ve been, who we’ve seen, and what we’ve done with excruciating granularity, there seems to be a big gap in logging those experience: how did we feel about it.

Well, Portland’s Brennan Novak is working to fix that. With Emoome. Read More

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