Month: September 2012

I'd buy that for a dollar: VendScreen launches flagship product, a wireless Android device for vending machines

The vending machines you use just got a little bit smarter today—as did your ability to understand more about products before you purchase. VendScreen, a Portland startup focused on retrofitting existing vending machines with Android touch screens, released their flagship product today, VendScreen Revolution, a wireless smart device. Read More

Taking Portland pitching to the next level: House of Genius

You know me. I’m always a huge fan of borrowing ideas from other startup communities. But I’m especially fond of Portland borrowing from Boulder. Because they’ve done an amazing job of embracing the startup scene while retaining their own unique culture. Read More

Talking Girl Talk: Andy Baio and Gregg Gillis continue their conversation on the future of music (Part 2)

As part of MusicFestNW and PDXconf, we had the opportunity to put Gregg Gillis of Girl Talk and Portland’s Andy Baio together to chat about Girl Talk, sampling culture, and the future of music. After focusing on Gregg’s music in part 1, the two transitioned into a compelling discussion on the future of music. Read More

Startup Weekend trifecta: Portland Startup Weekend expands to host PSU and Eugene events

There isn’t anything quite like Startup Weekend, a 54 hour entrepreneurial sprint that starts with ideas and ends with fully fleshed-out companies, truly with the potential to become going concerns. And Portland loves it. In fact, Portland Startup Weekend has been one of the most successful programs in the world. Read More

PIE Demo Day: Grab a seat and get ready for another slice of PIE, October 5

[Full disclosure: I work for PIE] It seems like just yesterday that summer was just taking hold in Portland, Gangnam Style had just been uploaded to YouTube, and a new class of fresh faces began their first day at PIE. Read More

REMINDER: Mobile Portland shares lessons learned from a re-startup mobile company, tonight

From the “better late than never” files… I wanted to remind you—especially if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur—that Mobile Portland has a great presentation tonight on lessons learned from running a mobile startup. Read More

One more thing, PDXconf… well two actually: Andy Baio chats with Girl Talk (Part 1)

Every once in a while, an opportunity falls in your lap. And despite the insanity, you have to take the opportunity. Or you’ll never forgive yourself. Such was the case with PDXconf, this year. Read More

Startup Communities makes another Boulder-Portland connection

Many of us in the startup scene keep an eye on Boulder, Colorado. As a town, they’ve done an amazing job of cultivating, attracting, and retaining startups that gives them arguably the highest entrepreneurial density anywhere in the world. Read More

Portland tech startups receive recognition at OEN Tom Holce Entrepreneurship Awards

This evening, entrepreneurs statewide gathered to celebrate the entrepreneurial achievements of their peers and colleagues. And I’m happy to report that the Portland tech startup scene made a fine showing. Read More

Everything old is new again: Next generation of Portland coworking spaces begins to take shape

Portland was pretty early on the coworking bandwagon. The lean and collegial environments—with little required in terms of financial commitment—seemed to work well with our disparate workforce and pervading startup culture. And folks flocked to them even in the doldrums of the last decade. Read More

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