Month: September 2012

Another Upstart: Celly expands beyond Occupy Movement to improve student-teacher communication

For all of the technology in our pockets these days, text messages remain the common denominator—and connector—for anyone carrying a mobile device. And no one knows that better than Celly, a Portland startup that’s taking full advantage of this shared communications platform. Read More

There was a lot of love in the room: XOXO embraces maker culture as attendees embrace XOXO

Portland has been on the edge of transition. We know there’s awesome stuff happening here. But honestly? That remains a secret to the majority of the planet.

But that may be changing. Thanks to XOXO, a labor of love from Andy Baio and Andy McMillan. Read More

Sequoia Capital: Apple, Oracle, Cisco… and Jive Software

Unlike the late 90s, these days, when someone launches a new Web site, it’s not generally news. But when that someone is Sequoia Capital—one of the most successful venture capital firms in the Valley—people take notice. Read More

It goes to eleven: The eleventeenth Ignite Portland takes place, this week

September has been an amazing month for Portland events (more on that later). And the hits just keep on coming.

This week, a tried and true Portland event takes the stage for its eleventeenth installment. That’s right. It’s time once again for Ignite Portland. Read More

Game on! Jane McGonigal swings by Portland to talk about gaming and education

It’s always amazing to me how lucky we are to have awesome people swinging by Portland. Especially when they sneak up on us. Case in point: did you know Jane McGonigal was speaking here, next week? Read More

Portland Seed Fund III: This time, it's digital

Portland Seed Fund, the local startup accelerator funded by a combination of private and public funds, has announced their next class of startups, a group of eight companies seeking to take their startups to the next level. Read More

Portland's creative communities: Digital, tech, startup, and music in 20 seconds or less

It was incredibly magnanimous of Instrument to host the kickoff party for MusicFestNW and @PDXconf. And in true Instrument fashion of going above and beyond, they set up a time-lapse camera to capture the event. Read More

Get in on the fun of the Portland Digital eXperience… for free

If the opening party was any indication, the Portland Digital eXperience (@PDXconf) is off to a good start—for a beta test. And even if you didn’t get a ticket, there’s still an opportunity to participate in the magic happening this week. Two opportunities actually. Read More

You down with UDID? Yeah, now you know me… my location and app activities

[Editor: If you’ve been following any tech news lately, you’ve likely come across the he-said she-said purported breach of FBI data that led to a million Apple iPhone unique device identifiers (UDIDs) being released into the wild. We asked local security expert and founder of GadgetTrak, Ken Westin, what the big deal was. Here’s what he had to say.] Read More

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