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Want to be illustrious with Adobe Illustrator? Treehouse can help with that

Treehouse has been on a tear lately. Following on news of recent funding, they’ve now launched an education channel dedicated completely to getting the most out of Adobe Illustrator. Read More

Elemental Accelerator speeds up video production with NVIDIA, Adobe Creative Suite integration

Elemental Accelerator can bring a 2x to 11x performance boost to common video processing tasks in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

Now, it’s rare for me to touch on traditional software around here. But Portland-based Elemental is doing so well, I couldn’t resist.

They’ve already been getting kudos with Badaboom, their consumer-level product that eases the process of encoding video for iPhones and other mobile handsets. And today, they’re making headlines again with their professional-level product Accelerator, which integrates with both NVIDIA video cards and Adobe Creative Suite. Read More

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