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Portland startup community recognized with a number of Technology Association of Oregon awards

Last night, the Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) held their annual Oregon Tech Awards celebration gala, their biggest event of the year. (Coincidentally, GeekWire held their big Seattle tech awards last night, too.) And the Portland startup community was well represented.

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Portland startup Treehouse makes the case for the 32 hour work week

So many folks in the startup scene—Portland or otherwise—are locked into a mindset that the more you work the greater your chance of your success. That the hours you plow into work on any given work translate directly into the success of your company. Well, I hate to burst your bubble. But Portland startup Treehouse is turning that overworked concept on its head. Read More

A little help for a big help: Treehouse could use your vote to bolster Code Oregon

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times—and you’ve had to listen to it every time I say it: finding development talent is the biggest problem holding back most startups, these days. And Oregon is no different. That’s why Portland’s Treehouse launched Code Oregon, a project designed to create 10,000 new developers. And now, Treehouse could use a little help of their own. Read More

What did you do over summer break? Treehouse partners with Umatilla schools to turn high schoolers into coders

It used to be that the most common complaint for startups around Portland was “more access to capital.” Now, that refrain has been replaced by “more access to talent, specifically developers.” Portland’s Treehouse is looking to solve that problem, by engaging would-be developers while they’re still in high school. Read More

Even more accessible learning: Treehouse releases iPad app

Sometimes, you need a change of scenery. Even when you’re trying to learn stuff. And even when that stuff you’re trying to learn is technical. The folks at Treehouse understand. And that’s why they’ve just released an iPad version of Treehouse, so you can learn where and when you want to. Read More

Looking for work? Treehouse launches a job board to connect talent with gigs

When you’re looking for a new challenge, your first gig, or your summer job, it’s always nice to have more resources at your disposal. That’s why I’m happy to announce that Treehouse has launched a job board. Read More

Want to be illustrious with Adobe Illustrator? Treehouse can help with that

Treehouse has been on a tear lately. Following on news of recent funding, they’ve now launched an education channel dedicated completely to getting the most out of Adobe Illustrator. Read More

You're going to need a bigger tree: Treehouse secures $7 million in funding, led by Kaplan Ventures

When we heard that Ryan Carson and the Treehouse crew were calling Portland home, last year around this time, that was pretty big news. Well, now they’ve got even bigger news. To the tune of $7 million. Read More

Four day work week? Something tells me Treehouse is going to fit right in

Last week, Treehouse announced that they had landed $4.75 million in funding and revealed that they were relocating their corporate headquarters to Portland.

That was big news, last week. This week? It’s that Treehouse has built a successful business working a four day week. Read More

Treehouse is moving to Portland with $4.75 million in their pockets… um branches

I had heard that Ryan Carson was well on his way to making Portland, Oregon, his new home. But I guess this confirms it.

TechCrunch is reporting that Ryan’s Treehouse has landed more funding. And they’re now listing their headquarters as Portland. Read More

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