Month: August 2013

Six years of Silicon Florist (or How a poorly written blog with ridiculously long headlines somehow spawns awesome things like PIE, TechFestNW, and Oregon Story Board)

I have a tendency to forego writing about the stuff on which I’m working—no matter how much Jason Grigsby chides me for it—as I half-ass my way through the Portland startup scene. Because, quite frankly, I find the stuff that you’re building to be far more interesting and far more inspiring. Read More

Catching up with Vizify: Cofounder Todd Silverstein talks to TechStars TV

There are a growing number of TechStars alums in town—Cloudability, Glider, Factor, the companies from the Nike+ Accelerator—but the first Portland company to really make the leap into a TechStars program was Vizify, who managed to juggle both TechStars and the Portland Seed Fund simultaneously. Read More

Get a job: Mac's List and HiringThing team up to make Portland job searches even better

Talent, talent, talent. It’s a common refrain among Portland startups these days. Folks need to find the right people. They need to hire. And they need to do all of that as quickly and efficiently as possible. Well, now a partnership between two Portland startups—Mac’s List and HiringThing—may make hiring a whole heck of a lot easier. Read More

Ken Keiter builds a skeu… a skeu… a digital representation of a credit card for enhancing online payments

Skeumorphism” is one of those words that enters your vocabulary surreptitiously after watching one too many Apple WWDC keynotes. And you’re always hoping—since it’s now stuck in your head—that there might be a better representation of it than faux digital leather. Read More

Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop will be funded. But you'll miss out if you don't act now.

We here in Portland are big fans of music, tech, do-it-yourself craftasticness, and crowdfunding campaigns. We’re also cheap. Um. I mean “frugal.” So what if you could combine all of the above into an awesome event? Get ready to be happy. Meet the Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop. Read More