Month: October 2013

And so it begins: "Eugene Tech" blog and calendar launches to cover the Eugene scene

It’s been awesome watching the Eugene tech scene continuing to gather steam. But I haven’t always done the best job of covering the awesomeness down there from up here in the Rose City. That’s why I’m happy to hear that Eugene is taking matters into its own hands. Introducing Eugene Tech, a blog and calendar cover the Eugene tech scene. Read More

Bend and Duck: Upcoming Oregon Startup Weekends in Bend and Eugene

Oh my. What a well-rounded-breakfast of a day on Silicon Florist. First, I got to post something about Corvallis and Portland. And now I get to drop something about Eugene and Bend. And that’s because Startup Weekends are happening in those two locations in the coming weeks. Read More

Corvallis and Portland metro area rank #1 and #2 for highest annnualized productivity growth over the last decade

If there’s one thing that Portland—and perhaps Oregon as whole—has proven, it’s that we’re in it for the long haul. And our plans? Well, sometimes they take a while to pay off. A long while. Like city planning which originated 40 years ago that’s just beginning to come to fruition. Read More