Month: November 2013

How the Internet works: Jessica McKellar slated for December New Relic FutureTalk

When the Portland office of New Relic mentioned that they were going to start a series of speaking events called FutureTalks, I was pretty excited. First, because it meant that New Relic would be even more involved with the local tech scene around here—which is awesome. And second, because a company like New Relic has a significant amount of pull in the industry—which means awesome speakers. Read More

Those sick stuffed animals aren't going to heal themselves: Pretendasaurus launches Dr. PetPlay

Have you ever watched a child interact with an iPad? It’s actually kind of amazing how ridiculously quickly they pick up the concepts and techniques. And given the world we live in, that’s a skill they’re going to need. More often than not, however, the content delivered on those devices is for anyone but children. But now, the stuffed animal doctor is in. Read More

Want more developers? You have to inspire them early. Hour of Code is here to help.

You can’t read a tech blog these days without someone bemoaning the dearth of development talent hamstringing startups and major corporations alike. And the problem isn’t getting any better. If anything, it will continue to get worse. But there’s something you can do to help. By encouraging kids to try coding. And that’s where the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week comes in. Read More

High tech meets hi-fi: Open source speakers use super capacitors to provide hours of listening on minutes of charge

So if someone were to rethink the portable speaker—you know, make it beautiful, handcrafted, useful, efficient, awesome, crowdfunded, and open source—where would be a good spot to do that? Yup. Portland. Meet Blueshift. And get ready to be happy about what they’re building. Read More

Big Bend Theory: Bend, Oregon, looks to attract even more startup talent

It’s no secret that Bend, Oregon, has a ton of startup activity for no bigger than it is. Bend Venture Conference has been going for a decade. FoundersPad, Bend’s startup accelerator, has launched a number of companies. And Cascade Angels just launched to fund Central Oregon startups. Long story short, Bend has some amazing momentum. Read More

Keep raking

It’s that time of year. The air is getting crisp. The days are getting short. And any number of leaves are gently cascading to the ground. Like they do, every year. And so, as you reach for that rake to ensure your rain soaked sewer drains and yards are clear, I thought I’d touch upon something that’s always struck me about the act of raking leaves—and how it applies to startups and founders and entrepreneurship. Read More

Half-assing it no longer: Portland Business Journal focuses reporter Malia Spencer on Portland startups

It’s no secret, we’ve had some half-assed coverage of Portland startups for a long, long time. I do a crappy job. Mike Rogoway at The Oregonian has to cover everything from gigantic corporations to the smallest startups. As do any number of other journalists at other outlets around town who have a ton on their plates. Big tech blogs only check in from time to time. But that all changes now. Meet Malia Spencer. Read More

It's okay to say "I don't know"

It’s always nice to see awesome Portland folks sharing their knowledge. Or sometimes their knowledge about admitting not having knowledge. Because it’s not always the knowledge that helps. Sometimes it’s the courage to say that you don’t know something. Which can be difficult in any situation. Let alone an industry that has its own righteous indignation directed at not knowing. Read More

Bullseye: Dart creates a way to have more private conversations around content

Forgive me, if you will, a brief derailment before I get to the news… Maybe it’s because this post is about sharing content that sparked this. But, remember those days—often too long ago—when I used to write about local products and companies that no one was talking about, yet? I mean, rather than talking about things about which you’d already heard? Read More

Having a hard time finding someone to develop that mobile app? Look in the mirror

It’s a common issue. You’ve got an amazing idea for a mobile app. And you’re convinced that there’s a market for it. But you’ve had absolutely no luck finding a developer who can help you build it. Well, get ready to be happy. Because I just found that developer for you. It’s you. Read More