Month: December 2013

Bad jokes gone good: How the Portland Twitter! Storm! Team! hashtag joke became a valuable weather resource

When it comes to this time of year, Portland gets a little wacky about its weather. That’s nothing new. It’s been happening for quite some time. Live coverage from the top of Sylvan Hill. Reporters resembling Ralphie’s brother from A Christmas Story waiting patiently in the Gorge for freezing rain. Hysteria! Apocalypse! Pandemonium! Read More

There is another: Publicly traded Mike Merrill asks shareholders to guide Jackson Gariety's promising future

File under “I can’t make this shit up.” So you know Mike Merrill, right? He’s a—potentially the only—publicly traded person. He has shareholders who vote on decisions that help him guide his life. Yes, it’s awesome. And it’s very Portland. And now? It may get a little more Portlandy. If shareholders approve his proposal. Read More

Payback: Portland's Simple now offers immediate money transfer between accounts with Simple Instant

While Simple users have never been shy about their love of the banking experience with the company, there are few features that would make the experience event better. And today, the Portland company released one of those features. Now any Simple user can immediately transfer money to any other Simple user with Simple Instant. Read More

Give for disruption this holiday season, Portland

Do you ever wonder who will disrupt today’s disrupters? Or who will disrupt your own startup? As the next generation of makers, hackers, and entrepreneurs enters the marketplace, you have opportunities to get to know them. And given that forty-five percent of Portland Public School students are people of color, you can expect our future disrupters to come from diverse backgrounds. Read More

Something to like: Former Facebook general counsel joins Portland friendly investors Founders Co-op

It’s no secret that a lot of the capital powering the Portland startup scene comes from outside of town. And one of the earliest supporters—both in terms of this generation of startups and when they invest—has been Seattle’s Founders Co-op. And now, they’ve got another investor joining their ranks: former Facebook general counsel Rudy Gadre is now a general partner. Read More

Predicting how you'll spend your winter break: Portland Seed Fund Spring 2014 applications now open

It’s funny. These days, folks seem to look forward to holidays and breaks so that they can do more work. Focused work. Without interruption. And like it or not, I’ve got something awesome like that for your winter break task list. The Portland Seed Fund has successfully closed their second fund. And as such, they’ve opened applications for their next class. Read More

Speaking their language: Voice of the Customer Roadshow swings by Portland, Thursday, December 5

One of the nice things about Portland having a growing presence on the startup community map is that we now have really interesting people swinging by town on a regular basis. This week is no exception. Jessica McKellar visited New Relic’s Portland office to share her knowledge. Gary Vaynerchuk was at Powell’s to launch his new book. And Thursday, Voice of the Customer Roadshow will be swinging by. Read More