Month: April 2015

A Startup Weekend that reflects Portland's successes: Portland Startup Weekend B2B

It’s no secret. Portland is a behind the scenes, business to business kind of town. Our most successful startups tend to be the names bandied about developer break rooms and user groups rather than household names. But that’s just fine. We’re good at that. And it fits our culture. And now, we have a Startup Weekend to reflect that strength: Portland Startup Weekend B2B. Read More

ACT-W Portland: A conference to advance the careers of tech women

If you want to build products that are used by a wide variety of people, it’s incredibly important that you have a wide variety of people building those products. That’s why I’m always happy to see events that help diversify the Portland tech and startup scene. Like ACT-W Portland, which is coming up this weekend. Read More

A shared future: TechfestNW hosts a conversation about the sharing economy

The Portland startup scene has always been collaborative and collegial. So it would stand to reason that the impact of the sharing economy—both positive and negative—would be a topic of conversation within our community. Now, TechfestNW—an annual startup event—is working to bring that conversation to the forefront with a special one day event entitled “A Shared Future.” Read More

Gesturing makes speakers more interesting. Now it makes the presentation more interesting too.

It’s a well known fact that gesticulating and gesturing makes speakers appear more engaging than those that just stand there stiffly—even if those two presenters say the exact same thing. It’s also a well known fact that fumbling with the clicker makes even the best presenter seem subpar. So what if those gestures could make you more interesting and could control your presentation? Now they can. With Swoosh from Portland’s OnTheGo Platforms. Read More

Catch GameLoading: Rise of the Indies in Portland next week

Portland’s indie gaming scene continues to grow and flourish, fueled in part by the wealth of game experience throughout the region. But building games as an independent can sometimes be a very solitary existence. So it’s nice to get out once in awhile. So why not hit a movie? About indie gamers. Okay. Even if you’re not a game developer you should check out GameLoading: Rise of the Indies. Read More

Hear from the people who write the docs you should be reading: Write the Docs 2015 speakers announced

I may not be able to write. But I know good documentation when I see it. And I can always use a little more learning on how to be better at documenting things. If you’re in the same boat, you’re not going to want to miss this year’s Write the Docs 2015 event in Portland, this May. Because it’s bringing some awesome folks to the stage. Read More