Portland startup Treehouse makes the case for the 32 hour work week

So many folks in the startup scene—Portland or otherwise—are locked into a mindset that the more you work the greater your chance of your success. That the hours you plow into work on any given work translate directly into the success of your company. Well, I hate to burst your bubble. But Portland startup Treehouse is turning that overworked concept on its head.


For more information, visit Treehouse. And if you like the sounds of a 32 hour work week, Treehouse is hiring.

  1. I admire this, but I think it’s important that a majority of startups don’t think they can also do 32 hour work weeks and win. Treehouse was not doing 32 hour weeks to get to this point. I feel that especially young or first time entrepreneurs have to do 100+ hour weeks as the mistake level is so high that the only solution is 100 smart hours per week of hard, ruthless hustling. Props to Treehouse for this, but in my eyes this just isn’t good advice for most entrepreneurs.

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