Month: June 2015

Do or do not. There is no try. Craft your own artisanal lightsaber.

Oh sure. You claim to be a Jedi. You may know the ways of the force. But can you build your own lightsaber, smarty pants? “I can’t find the right crystals,” you say. “I don’t know how to forge the hilt components.” Blah blah blah. Quit your whining. Now, you can build your own artisanal handcrafted lightsaber like any self respecting Portland Jedi should. Read More

Downside? Next week's Monitorama is sold out. Upside? There will tons of interesting folks in town

Event season is in full swing. Next week marks the second year where Portland serves as host for Monitorama, an open source monitoring conference and hackathon. Unfortunately, it’s already sold out. But let’s not dwell on that half empty glass. There will be a bunch of interesting folks in Portland speaking and attending the event. Read More

A whole lot more to love: XOXO awesomeness is now available year round in a collaborative space

It only makes sense. I mean, a couple of folks who rethought the whole event experience can rethink other things. Like not only how we collaborate in short formats but how we collaborate with colleagues day after day. How we extend an ethos into a culture. How we work together. And how we support one another. And that’s why I’m incredibly excited and inspired by the new XOXO collaborative workspace in Portland. Read More

Hitting a little close to home: HBO's Silicon Valley has a tinge of Portlandia as local startup types advise Pied Piper

If you’re in the startup scene, you’ve probably happened across the HBO series Silicon Valley, a Mike Judge vehicle that does a great job of capturing the inanity of the startup world. For many of us, it’s a cringe inducing slice of life that is sometimes more torture than entertainment. But Series 2 episode 4 may be a little more bearable—because Portlanders contributed to it. Read More

What to do first? First Thursday features CENTRL Office, WeWork, Starve Ups, TiE Oregon, and W+K

We’re in full swing of First Thursday season, so it only makes sense that our calendars would be getting crowded with a ton of interesting opportunities. Events to attend. People to see. Spaces to explore. Well, I thought I’d try to help by picking out some things that might be especially interesting to you startup types. But I don’t know that I’ve made the decision any easier. Read More

Mama always said, Tom Hanks characters are like startup spirit animals

You’ve got to hand it to him. Tom Hanks, I mean, that guy. He’s played a variety of characters who are spirit animals for startups and founders. Me? I most readily associate with Forrest Gump. You know, not the brightest. But somehow still always lucky enough to wind up at the right place at the right time. Despite his best efforts to fail. Read More