Month: July 2015

The more Ignites, the better. Lesbians Who Tech host Portland Tech Ignite Talks

The Ignite format. It’s engaging. It’s entertaining. It’s the perfect format for the startup short attention span that is… SQUIRREL! Ahem. I’m sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. Ignite. I’m huge fan. So I always love to see more folks using the format. And we’ve got another awesome one on Thursday, Portland Tech Ignite Talks with Lesbians Who Tech. Read More

Hatful of holo: Small Society cofounder Raven Zachary starts his next venture, Object Theory, a Microsoft HoloLens shop

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: the Portland startup scene is grappling with adolescence a little later than a few other startup scenes. We’re a late bloomer, as it were. Mostly because we didn’t have many—if any—successful exits during the dotcom days. So we’re barely getting to the point of founders successfully exiting and then starting their next thing. Read More

The Internet moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and consider peas and guacamole once in a while, you could miss it.

Oh Internet. I’m just recording this one for Portland posterity. Because, man, did that escalate quickly. For those of you who missed the play by play. Cabel Sasser—cofounder of Portland-based Panic, purveyor of fine Mac software among other things—got himself in a bit of of a pickle yesterday. Or maybe more appropriately, some pea laden guacamole. Read More

REMINDER: Portland Startup Summit 2.0.1 takes place next Monday

The event season is in full swing in Portland. From massive visiting events to successful homegrown events to everything in between. And while a number of the events tend to focus on certain technologies or job roles, it’s always nice to have events that present a spectrum of topics. Like Portland Startup Summit. Read More

Jealous of kids getting to go to summer camps? Here's one for you: Startup Weekend Vancouver

Ah, summer camp. That time to get away from the house. To make new friends. And to spend a few moments immersed in activities that made you the person you are today. Yes, summer camp was great. But as an adult, similar opportunities are few and far between. Except when it comes to Startup Weekends. Read More

REMINDER: Hack Oregon and Innovate Oregon gather to reveal projects and form teams, tonight

Interested in doing a little good with all of that awesome development knowledge you have? Well, you’re in luck. Hack Oregon is beginning on another set of projects. And now, they’ve teamed up with Innovate Oregon to make it even more awesome. What are they working on this season? Well, you can get more details tonight at Tabor Space. Read More

It's like setting a tee time. But for Destiny. With less gaudy attire. Maybe.

The world of gaming has moved from that of a largely solitary basement dwelling existence to that of having practically every aspect of the experience happening in a social setting. With other gamers. And interactions. And shared environments. From competitive leaderboards to collaborating and competing with other gamers around the world. Read More