Rose City (Tetris) 'Til I Die

The Portland Timbers are no strangers to the world of video games. I mean, they had that little game where Timber Joey bravely lopped of the heads of encroaching Seattle Flounders. But now, the Timbers Army is getting their own treatment, inspired by something for which the Army is well known—one of its chants.

Local creative agency Instrument has taken inspiration from one of the Army’s Set Piece chant—sung to the tune of the Tetris song—to build (what else?) a Tetris game, chockfull of hatchets, chainsaws, soccer balls, and scarves. Best of all? You can play it in your browser. (It even works on mobile devices.)

So let’s just consider the rest of your Friday shot.

Play the Timber’s Set Piece Tetris.