Getting personal: Lytics Personalization provides a simple way to customize content for a wide variety of web visitors

Remember back in the old days of the web? You know, back when “the Web” was actually a proper noun? When we all got served up the same silly banner advertisement or message every time we visited a site? With the prevalence of personalization the web now affords, that seems trite and dated. But it’s still not easy. Unless you’re using Portland startup Lytics’ newest offering, Lytics Personalization.

The Lytics Personalization product allows a marketer to quickly create and execute eye-catching digital campaigns with customized content for different audiences. These personalized interactions simply overlay on an existing webpage as a modal, gate, or banner depending on your marketing goal.

I had the opportunity to beta test the product. And it’s pretty slick. And idiot proof. As I’ve proven, time and time again. But I’m not the only one who likes what they see. Venturebeat gives it praise as well:

I saw the tool in action, and it is — undoubtedly — very easy to use. In just a few moments, a non-technical marketer can craft a message that greets website visitors, customizing the content, graphics, colors, and everything else you’d expect to have full control over. Those messages are targeted at a segment.

For example, a new visitor may receive a message asking them to sign up for a newsletter, while a returning visitor with an apparent affinity for the brand, demonstrated across different channels, may see suggested content to help them dig deeper into the web experience. And to assist in building the highest conversion and engagement rates, Lytics Personalization allows for A/B split tests — pitting one version of the content against another to see which one wins.

The simplicity of the solution is by design. Personalization is often talked about, but few marketers want to commit to the effort needed to do it. Keeping things simple is one way to convert the masses.

For more information, visit Lytics Personalization.

[Full disclosure: Lytics is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]