Interested in interns? Portland’s Planet Argon has a toolkit to help

For many organizations, the idea of taking on interns is equal parts compelling and frightening. Mentoring the next generation of employees has a ton of benefit, but managing that mentorship and people can be a challenge for many organizations. That’s why guides like the Planet Argon Tech Internship Toolkit are so valuable.

Are you considering bringing on an intern or five in 2019 and aren’t quite sure where to start? OR are you wanting to streamline an existing internship program a touch?

Today I’m delighted to share the Planet Argon Tech Internship Toolkit with you. It’s free.

We touch on how to a) recruit interns b) how to onboard interns c) how to challenge interns d) how to learn from interns and e) how to send them off into the wild — ready to get their new career started.

Sounds interesting? It’s available for download at To get yours, head on over to Planet Argon Tech Internship Toolkit.