Month: January 2019

Interested in interns? Portland’s Planet Argon has a toolkit to help

For many organizations, the idea of taking on interns is equal parts compelling and frightening. Mentoring the next generation of employees has a ton of benefit, but managing that mentorship and people can be a challenge for many organizations. That’s why guides like the Planet Argon Tech Internship Toolkit are so valuable.

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Not sure if venture capital is right for your startup? You might want to chat with Indie VC when they visit Portland, this month

In my opinion, one of the most promising threads in the Portland startup community as of late has been the whole conversation about financing startups. Because not every startup is right for an equity based investment from venture capital. And even if they are, VC brings with it some pressures that can be less than positive for many companies and founders.

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A few ways to engage with the Portland startup community: A refresher for a fresh start to 2019

While the Portland startup community does its best to be incredibly collaborative and welcoming, we’re not always so good with communicating how best to engage with the community. And that can be a tad bit frustrating for folks who are looking to help — and even more frustrating for those who are looking for help.

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