Breaking down bias: Pregame’s Ciara Pressler helps Systemically Over-Privileged folks recognize the signs

When it comes to doing the work around diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Portland startup community has a lot of work to do. A lot. Even so, there are any number of folks in the community stepping up and committing to do that work. But no matter the intent, it’s highly likely that we will all come face-to-face with a number of challenges — some conscious, some unconscious — in doing the work. Primarily in the form of biases.

Which brings us to this incredibly informative piece by Ciara Pressler of Pregame, featuring a list of types of biases and how they may present themselves — with real world examples.

The solution to all of the issues I describe below is the same: realize where you are defaulting to SOP thinking (=young/white/male/straight/Christian/wealthy/traditional privileged), and then stop doing that. Not once, but daily.…

Below is an incomplete list of the conscious and unconscious bias problems that perpetuate in American business, an brief explanation of how it goes down, and in italics, a specific way it has recently manifested in my real-life experience.

Ciara goes on to cite 13 examples that will no doubt help you gain a better understanding of bias. And will likely illuminate some indicators you didn’t even recognize. (Even if you feel like you’re in tune and intentional about correcting your bias, it’s well worth the read, in my opinion).

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