Speaking of startup stress… A mental health manual for the modern workforce

There have been in any number of times throughout history where humans have done things that they thought were totally fine — only to find out later how detrimental those activities were. Pick your favorite. I’m not here to judge. That said, I am here to propose that the normalization of startup founders being constantly stressed out, never sleeping, and always on may very well be one of those things.

That’s why I’ve been thinking more and more about founders and their behavioral and mental health. Because something has got to change. I know you know. And if you’re a founder, I know you’re feeling it.

Luckily, we’re not alone in this pursuit. Far from it. Take for instance Made of Millions. Who has just released a handbook to help folks better understand the steps to a comprehensive mental health policy for all companies — startups included.

Beautiful Brains offers a comprehensive approach to mental health policy.

  1. Statistics on the state of mental health in today’s workplaces
  2. A six-step program for implementing supportive services and fighting stigma
  3. Sample accommodation, confidentiality and wellness initiatives
  4. Educational resources to share with coworkers and friends
  5. Downloadable social assets, questionnaires and worksheets

For more information or to download the guide to read during the pending snowpocalypse, visit Beautiful Brains: A mental health manual for the modern workforce. For more on the organization, visit Made of Millions.

(Hat tip Lauren Krzyzynski)