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Healthcare startup? Healthcare mentor? Join PIE at The Dairy Building for the Accelerate Biotech & Digital Health Happy Hour

Digital healthcare has long been one of Portland’s strongest areas of startup success and support. But like so many awesome Portland things, it’s also a tightly knit community for which it can be difficult to figure out where to start. That’s why OTRADI Oregon Bioscience Incubator started a regular happy hour. So that making those connections could be easier.

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REMINDER: Accelerate Biotech and Digital Health Happy Hour, February 1

As tech becomes more pervasive, we’re seeing more and more interesting, inspiring, and innovative solutions from any number of verticals in Portland. But if I had to pick a sector that has the most momentum and potential, I’d have to say biotech. And nowhere is the potential of that community better showcased and celebrated than the monthly Accelerate Biotech and Digital Health Happy Hour.

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How healthy would wearing wearables be if wearing wearable were healthy?

Portland’s culture of curiosity had us among the early adopters of the whole “quantified self” thing. But for whatever reason—even though we’ve got a ton of apparel companies in town—that never translated into much in the way of wearable technology. But that doesn’t stop us from wearing those devices. Apple Watches, Fuel Bands, Ups, Fitbits, Misfits. You see them everywhere in the startup community. But what are they doing for us? Read More

Wisdom (and health) of the crowd: Portland's Consano is changing the way medical research is funded with crowdfunding

The concept of crowdfunding has changed—or utterly disrupted—any number of industries. But what about healthcare? Can taking medical research funding to the crowd prove to be a viable means of changing the industry? Portland’s Consano is convinced it can be. Read More

Saving Oregon’s Health System: A prescription for Oregon Governor Elect John Kitzhaber, MD

one of his ideas highlights an opportunity for Kitzhaber to make Oregon home to a cluster that is likely to explode over the next decade – Personal Health Monitoring.

In earlier guest posts here on Silicon Florist, Dave Chase has written some thought provoking pieces that have generated quite a bit of dialog here and offline. He has shared why he chose Portland over Seattle and Silicon Valley and how Oregon’s Athletic & Outdoor, Software & Clean Tech clusters should meet. Then in the first part of a two-part series on healthcare, he put out a call to action for entrepreneurs to employ what he calls Do-it-yourself Health Reform. Read More

Calling Oregon entrepreneurs to action: Do-it-yourself healthcare reform

From friends who own small traditional businesses to my tech entrepreneur friends, most are aghast at how severely they’ve been hit by healthcare cost increases. It’s simply unsustainable. This post will outline an alternative approach to getting your healthcare needs met that may be a better route for you and your organization.

[HTML4][Editor’s Note: Dave Chase provides us with another guest post. This time, he focuses on what entrepreneurs can do to reform the US healthcare system. It’s an area near and dear to his heart and, as you’ll see, where his latest startup is focused.]

Imagine a cost in your business or personal budget that grew 3400% faster than all other costs. Would you do something about it? That is what has happened to healthcare costs over the last 50 years. While other goods have gone up 8x in the last 50 years, healthcare has gone up 274x. Read More

Kryptiq partners with Surescripts to reinvent healthcare and gets some extra cash to boot

Kryptiq and Surescripts have envisioned a way to revolutionize the secure sharing of health information.

It’s always nice to see the kids do well. Especially when they’re the great grandkid of the Portland startup scene.

You see, Kryptiq is a descendant of a long line of Portland startups. Some folks started at Tektronix and then left to join startup Mentor Graphics. And then some of those folks from Mentor Graphics left to join startup MedicaLogic. And then MedicaLogic folks wound up at Kryptiq.

And today, that startup whippersnapper had some major news: Kryptiq and Surescripts have envisioned a way to revolutionize the secure sharing of health information. Read More

Healthy content: MDiTV looks to bring video content about your health to the Web

Introducing Portland-based MDiTV, your new online resource for health information.

Today, with YouTube and Hulu and Netflix and thousands of other sites, we’ve grown very used to consuming our entertainment online. Because of that, the TV has become less and less of a modern necessity. But what about educational content? Content that’s actually good for us? Well, for all the promise of the Web, it seems that a great deal of that type of content still remains relegated to television and traditional broadcast.

Until now. Introducing Portland-based MDiTV, your new online resource for health information. Read More

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