Winklevoss crypto play, Gemini, is ramping up hiring in Portland

Like many shiny new tech objects, Portland was drawn into crypto early. From experimentation with the Blockchain to Dogecoin. And then, as is our particular wont, we seemed to grow bored of that exploration before it truly matured into a market. But not everyone moved on so quickly. Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange backed by the Winklevoss twins, has quietly had an ongoing presence here for years. And now, it looks like they’re ramping up to grow that footprint.

According to the Silicon Florist job board, Gemini has five new open reqs. All in the field of security.

Could this be the start of a new wave of crypto activity in Portland? That remains to be seen. But it’s definitely a nod to the growing wealth of security expertise in the Portland startup community, which found its beginnings in companies like Tripwire and Iovation and is inspiring new pursuits like RadarFirst.

For more on the open roles, visit the Silicon Florist job board. And if you’re interested in picking up some new talent for your company, consider posting about your open roles.