Vancouver startup Suggestion Ox selected for TinySeed Accelerator

Over the history of startup accelerators, any number of models for accelerators and the startups they support have emerged. Among them, the TinySeed Accelerator stands out as a leader in the accelerating bootstrapped startups. And now, another local startup — Suggestion Ox — is taking advantage of that program.

We’ll use TinySeed’s financial investment to create more of the useful features that our customers have asked for. Our mission is simple—to help every company become a better place to work by revealing what employees are really concerned about before small problems become big problems.

With added resources, we’ll make Suggestion Ox even easier to use, provide more powerful ways to take and manage incoming feedback, and give every manager, CEO, and HR professional the tools to empower actionable employee feedback and violation reports.

Portland based Reimbi is also a TinySeed alum.

For more information, read the Suggestion Ox blog post.