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Time to apply: Y Combinator applications are currently open; two other startup accelerator programs open for submissions soon

While they’re not for everybody, startup accelerator programs can be an important support mechanism for founders, providing them with the mentorship and support they need as they work to build their businesses. And when it comes to programs like Y Combinator, it can mean a whole lot more financial support, these days. So with that in mind, here are three accelerator programs worth considering that have either an open application period or that will in the next few weeks.

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Vancouver startup Suggestion Ox selected for TinySeed Accelerator

Over the history of startup accelerators, any number of models for accelerators and the startups they support have emerged. Among them, the TinySeed Accelerator stands out as a leader in the accelerating bootstrapped startups. And now, another local startup — Suggestion Ox — is taking advantage of that program.

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Portland startup Reimbi selected for TinySeed 2019 cohort

While Portland tries to provide a bunch of resources for our founders, it’s also nice to see other programs recognizing the value of the startups that are growing here. That’s why I was psyched to see that Portland startup Reimbi will be part of the 2019 TinySeed batch.

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