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Reminder: Lunch 2.0 at Janrain is Wednesday

It’s time for another Lunch 2.0, specifically one at Janrain this Wednesday, July 14.

The weather looks to be very pleasant, which is welcome, but alas, we won’t be on the rooftop deck as I’d initially predicted.

Apparently, the fire code has recently changed limiting the number of people allowed on the roof. Anyway, no biggie, Janrain’s offices are plenty interesting, and you won’t have to worry about flies in your food or sunburn.

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New Relic Will Be Our Lunch 2.0 Host for August

While Rick soldiers through a very long day, a 30 hour one to be exact, the staff here must pick up the slack. So, here goes.

New Relic will be our gracious Lunch 2.o hosts on August 18, 2010.

Not familiar with them? They are a San Francisco-based startup, funded by Benchmark Capital and Trinity Ventures, that just so happens to have a satellite office here in the Rose City.

They provide cloud-based tools to monitor, optimize and troubleshoot Java, Ruby and JRuby web applications, including some you might have heard of like Highrise and Basecamp.

That’s right, 37Signals uses New Relic RPM. So do AboutUs and a whole mess of other customers.

Oh, and they’re hiring in Portland.

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Recap of Network Redux, Webtrends Lunch 2.0

Yesterday, about 150 people gathered at Webtrends’ downtown office for a Lunch 2.0 co-hosted by Network Redux (@networkredux) and Webtrends (@webtrends).

The weather did not cooperate with tentative plans to enjoy the balcony off the Webtrends cafeteria on the 16th floor, but no one seemed to mind much. There will be other opportunities.

Tavola PDX provided the food, which was quite tasty, and the first hour was the standard Lunch 2.0 milling around and networking.

At around 1 PM, our own Rick (@turoczy) kicked off a panel consisting of Garett Stenson (@garettstenson) of Network Redux, Thomas Brenneke (@tbrenneke), of Network Redux, and Justin Kistner (@justinkistner), of Webtrends. Read More

Reminder: Network Redux, Webtrends Co-Hosting Lunch 2.0 Wednesday

When I announced that Network Redux (@networkredux) and Webtrends (@webtrends) would be co-hosting Lunch 2.0 on June 16, I never thought we’d have to cross our fingers for a nice day .

But here we are in mid-June, hoping for the first 80-degree day of the year.

Anyway, let’s hope for a great sunny day for Wednesday, so we can all enjoy the balcony at Webtrends.

Aside from the usual networking and food, the co-hosts have an interesting agenda planned for you.

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Reminder: Portland Development Commission Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday

It appears that Summer has arrived, which means lots of stuff to do, including a Lunch 2.0 at the Portland Development Commission (@pdxdevelopment) this coming Wednesday from 12-2 PM.

You won’t want to miss this one.

The PDC has been active lately, including tech as part of their Economic Development Strategy and polling Portland software community for input and information.

Last week, Eva Schweber (@EvaCatHerder) and Audrey Eschright (@spinnerin) started a Portland software community census to provide the City and the PDC with good demographic data to guide their policies.

You’ll want to fill that out, so I’ll wait.

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JanRain Hosting Lunch 2.0 on July 14

Identity powerhouse, JanRain, will be opening their offices on July 14 to host a Lunch 2.0.

By July, the weather should be nice and balmy, and the plan is to have the lunch festivities on the roof-top deck of JanRain’s office building at 519 SW 3rd Avenue.

There’s a fantastic, panoramic view of the Willamette, all our bridges and points East, from up there, so keep your fingers crossed for weather cooperation on July 14.

In addition to a great view, good food and usual Lunch 2.0 crowd, the good people from JanRain will be happy to chat you up about their RPX and OPX products, OpenID and OAuth in general, industry trends in social media, all the above.

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Webtrends, Network Redux to Co-Host Lunch 2.0 on June 16

Webtrends (@webtrends) and Network Redux (@networkredux) will be co-hosting Lunch 2.0 at Webtrends’ downtown office on Wednesday, June 16.

You probably know that Webtrends has been on a roll lately, recently launching Facebook analytics, and becoming the new nexus for Portland tech meetups.

You might also know that Network Redux (pronounced re-ducks) hosts many local sites, including the Webtrends blog network and the Portland WordPress User Group (@pdxwp), as well as sites for products you probably know like Camino (Rick’s favorite browser), Growl and Adium.

I feel a Reese’s reference to peanut butter and chocolate bubbling up, but I’m sure you’ve read enough of those here already.

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Reminder: WebVisions Lunch 2.0 is Wednesday

Spring is here, and that means tech conference season, among other things.

WebVisions, the locally-grown conference focusing on the future of design, content creation, user experience and business strategy, is celebrating its tenth year.

Ten is a lot of years when you’re talking about anything, but especially when it’s related to tech. Think about what you were doing ten years ago if you want proof.

Anyway, the tenth iteration of WebVisions is coming up fast. It’s May 19-21 at the Oregon Convention Center, in case you didn’t know, and Brad Smith (@webvisions) and his team want to buy you lunch this Wednesday, April 14.

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Portland Development Commission Hosting Lunch 2.0 May 19

I’m exited to announce that the Portland Development Commission (@pdxdevelopment) will be our host for Lunch 2.0 on May 19.

Granted, I’m always excited about announcing Lunch 2.0s, but this one will be another event that commingles our beloved tech community with other Portland communities, like March’s Lunch 2.0 was.

Plus, how great is it to have the City recognize that geeks matter? Read More

WebVisions Hosting Lunch 2.0 on April 14

Did you know WebVisions is celebrating its 10th year this year?

I wonder what the sessions were in 2000, maybe “Looking ahead to Internet Explorer 6”? We’ve come a long way since then, and Brad Smith (@webvisions) and his great team have continued to produce a great conference, mixing design with technology and trends.

Anyway, WebVisions will be hosting Lunch 2.0 on April 14, about a month before the conference, which is May 19-21 at the Oregon Convention Center.

If you’re not familiar with WebVisions, this will be a great opportunity to learn more about a gem of a conference held in our backyard firectly from the organizers and past attendees. Read More