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Two upcoming local — yet virtual — demo days to add to your calendar: Alchemy Code Lab and PIE

Maybe it’s another sign of the world returning to something resembling normalcy. There are not one but two demo days on the calendar in the coming weeks. Alchemy Code Lab Demo Day is on Friday, June 18, 2021, and PIE Demo Day 2021 is on June 28. Both events are completely virtual.

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PDXWIT and Alchemy Code Lab offer scholarship for Black and/or Indigenous women

Work to help diversify the tech industry needs to happen at all levels of the industry. From entry level to executive suite. So it’s always nice to see more programs that help folks get a foothold in the industry. Like Alchemy Code Lab partnering with PDXWIT (Portland Women in Tech) on a scholarship for Black and/or Indigenous women to participate in their professional software development program.

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