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Big data meets government: New Relic FutureTalk with Chris Rieth

There’s been a ton of discussion about “big data” from a corporate perspective. But how does it figure in with some of the biggest big datasets of all? New Relic is exploring that question in their next FutureTalk with Chris Reith of Socrata. Read More

What beginners teach us: New Relic FutureTalk with Selena Deckelmann

Much of the startup scene is struggling to find the talent they need to build the products they want to build. And it’s not getting any easier to find those folks. That means, there are more and more people who see the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to go after those jobs. That means a lot of newbies. Read More

DevOps patterns distilled: New Relic FutureTalk with Gene Kim

I’ve been super impressed with the folks New Relic has been rounding up to speak at its FutureTalks series. And this month is no different. Gene Kim, founder of Tripwire and respected author, will be taking the stage, this month. The topic? DevOps. Read More

Wiki's song of code and content: Ward Cunningham gives New Relic FutureTalk

Portland is filled with hidden gems. Technologists of great aplomb who are quietly working away building awesome things. And it’s always nice when they take a few minutes to share some of their amazing insights. This month, New Relic has managed to wrangle one of those folks to speak—Ward Cunningham, inventor of the wiki—at their FutureTalks series. Read More

Writing object-oriented code: Rubyist Sandi Metz gives New Relic FutureTalk, February 24

I’m really pleased at the traction New Relic is seeing with their FutureTalk program, not only are they highlighting thoughtful speakers but they’re also using their heft to give back to the Portland tech scene. This next talk on February 24 continues the trend. With Sandi Metz. Read More

How the Internet works: Jessica McKellar slated for December New Relic FutureTalk

When the Portland office of New Relic mentioned that they were going to start a series of speaking events called FutureTalks, I was pretty excited. First, because it meant that New Relic would be even more involved with the local tech scene around here—which is awesome. And second, because a company like New Relic has a significant amount of pull in the industry—which means awesome speakers. Read More

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