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Field notes from the most diverse tech conference on the planet

[Editor: This kicks off a series of on-going guest posts from Katherine Krajnak, who works on Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Portland Development Commission.]

“If you’re building a social tech company and you aren’t paying attention to Black women, you’re stupid.” Read More

Time to reconsider your idea of a company

[Editor: Thanks to Paul Smith for this guest post.] Ever have one of those moments when someone says something that makes everything else stand still? This happened to me recently, in conversation with Brian Jamison, a man with an eclectic history that includes playing a hand in the first Disneyland and Sony Playstation sites, biodiesel production, and now acting as CEO of OpenSourcery, a Drupal focused Portland based web development firm that is a deep practitioner of sustainability on the human, environmental and technological fronts. Read More

Public relations 101 for startups … from the entrepreneur’s perspective

[Editor: So many “PR 101” posts come from, well, PR folks. And while they’re great, they don’t always capture the entrepreneur’s perspective. That’s why I’m happy to share a PR 101 post from an entrepreneur.]

So you’re a startup founder. You’ve spent the last few months mainlining caffeine and building that awesome location-based-mobile-photo-app for wombats. How do you ensure that when you unleash it upon the unsuspecting world, wombats will read about it in their favorite blog? Read More

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