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Rise of the Indie Web: Amber Case at New Relic Future Talks, January 13

New Relic kicks off its new year of Future Talks with a local speaker—who has worldwide appeal. Amber Case—cofounder of Portland startup Geoloqi which was acquired by Esri in 2012—has spoken at TED and keynoted SXSW. Now, she’ll be speaking here in Portland. Read More

How the Internet works: Jessica McKellar slated for December New Relic FutureTalk

When the Portland office of New Relic mentioned that they were going to start a series of speaking events called FutureTalks, I was pretty excited. First, because it meant that New Relic would be even more involved with the local tech scene around here—which is awesome. And second, because a company like New Relic has a significant amount of pull in the industry—which means awesome speakers. Read More

{Future} Talks: New Relic launches a new series of Portland tech talks designed to inspire

While there are a ton of good meet ups in town, there is always room for a few more. Especially when they have the potential to pull in thought provoking speakers from outside of town—or those hidden gems in town about whom we’re not aware. Such is the case with a new line of talks sponsored by New Relic entitled {Future} Talks. Read More

Have your cake and eat it too: 20% of Wired's "San Francisco tech companies you wished you worked for" have Portland offices

Yes, yes. We all know that the Bay Area is the be all and end all of startup awesomeness. And that there are any number of drool worthy companies down there. Companies that any one of us would give an arm and leg for which to work. But what about poor little Portland? Wait. What’s that? You can stay here and work for those companies? Read More

What startup has 20 people in Portland and $15 million in funding? New Relic. And they’re hiring.

We love it when it when Portland companies get funding. But I’ve got to tell you… we’re pretty happy when companies with Portland offices get funding, too.

And that’s just what happened with New Relic—a San Francisco based company with an office of 20 in Portland—who just landed $15 million in funding. And part of that, no doubt, will be used for hiring more folks in Portland. Read More

Who’s hiring? ActiveTrak (x3), CardPower, New Relic, Puppet Labs, and Urban Airship

It’s a beautiful fall day out there, Portland. Why not find a nice new job to go along with it?

You can, you know? Right here. At the Silicon Florist job and gig board. And you will hardly believe your eyes when you see all of the awesome jobs available this week. So get on that. And get to applying. Read More