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Big ideas in small packages: Day 14 of 31 startups

What if you could have a book of inspiration and ideas that didn’t have to sit on a shelf. One that, instead, traveled with you in your pocket. That’s the idea behind day 14 of 31 startups: Tiny Book Publishing.

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Willamette Week, WaPo, and WordPress: Portland's popular alt weekly picked first for new digital publishing platform

Psst. PSST! Hey you. Yeah you. C’mere. I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Traditional media? They still kind of struggle with this whole Web thing. No. I’m serious. Maybe you’ve known about this for a while. Or maybe you’ve encountered it more recently with untold virtual column inches consumed with conversation about ad blockers or whatever. But whatever the case, it’s true. Traditional media still doesn’t really get with Web. Read More

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