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Guest post: TechTown Portland experiment is working

[Editor: This is a guest post from Jared Wiener, the software industry liaison for Prosper Portland (the organization formerly known as the Portland Development Commission (PDC)). As part of his role, he has helped manage the TechTown Portland program which includes the Diversity Pledge. Here, he provides an update on the progress with that program.]

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Techtown Portland II: This time… it's personal. Um, personal stories, that is.

You know I’m a sucker for a good Portland video. So here, as promised, is the new Techtown Portland video, a collaborative project among Portland’s tech and startup community designed to showcase folks who have relocated to Portland to pursue their careers. And like the previous Techtown Portland video, it does a good job of showing off both the interiors and exteriors of the Rose City. Read More

There is another, Skywalker…. Well, and another Techtown Portland video featuring Portland startups and tech companies

[UPDATE] The new Techtown Portland video has been released. [/UPDATE] Remember 18 months ago when a bunch of Portland startups joined forces to create the Techtown Portland video? You know, the one that highlighted a few of the amazing startups in town? Well, turns out, there are even more awesome startups here than that video could handle. So they’re releasing a sequel. And you’re invited to the premiere. Read More

Portland startup cribs: Tech Town Portland video showcases offices, employees, and culture of 11 tech companies

You know me. I’m a sucker for an awesome video montage. And when it’s a video about Portland and its startups, I can’t help but get a little giddy. That’s why I’m super happy to share the Tech Town Portland piece that was just released, this evening. Read More