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To blog or not to blog? Kirkpatrick and Bancroft answer that question (for corporations)

InnoTech 09To blog or not to blog? It’s a question with which any number of corporations wrestle. And today at the InnoTech eMarketing Summit, Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb and Josh Bancroft of Intel will answer that question—and likely many more about corporate communications, blogging, and microblogging sites like Twitter. (I’ll be on the panel as well, doing a lot of smiling and nodding.)

Here’s the basis of the discussion:

Whether out of curiosity or under pressure, you’ve likely started a company blog. Maybe you’re even letting employees blog. But making blogging a successful component of your organization’s communications and support programs? That’s another thing, entirely. Join this panel of panel of elite bloggers and microbloggers to learn how you can use blogs to increase transparency with your target market, create deeper and lasting relationships with your existing customers, and improve your company’s visibility on the Web. Attendees are sure to leave with both a renewed motivation to blog and specific steps for improving their organizations’ use of traditional blogs and new microblogging platforms.

The three of us will be providing our insight at 2 PM, today, in Portland Ballroom 256 at the Oregon Convention Center. So if you’re at InnoTech, we’d love to see you. For you Twitter types, the hashtag for the event is #emspdx.

Can’t come see us today? Well we can’t save you any… oh wait. That’s okay, but we’ll miss you. And I’d highly encourage to register to attend InnoTech on Thursday so that you can see Rahaf Harfoush talk about the Obama social media campaign.


Toonlet captures your Twitter comedic genius for posterity

ToonletThere are some pretty witty folks on Twitter. I, for the record, do not happen to be one of them. But they are there. I’m talking about people like former Portlander Simon “@pagecrusher” Goetz. That kind of witty.

And sometimes, magic happens. Tweets—that don’t seem so humorous when taken out of context—combine into a string of entertaining @s of back-and-forth dialogue. The result? Pure comedy gold, my friend.

Unfortunately, those fleeting moments of jocularity used to simply disappear into the ether. Forever lost.

Until now.

Enter the latest feature from our cartoon-errific friends over at Portland-based Toonlet, the Twitter Toonletifier. (In their defense, that’s not actually what they call it. They call it “Twitter Comic.” But I’m calling it the Toonletifier.)

See a Dorthy-Parker-esque series of rapier retorts or a layer-tennis-like volley of banter? Capture it for historical reference.

Simply head over to Toonlet and search for keywords or users. Select the tweets you want to add to your toonlet. Do a little editing magic on the characters. And voila! Instant hilarity.


The feature is still in its early stages, but it’s absolutely stable enough for you to begin banging on it. So give Toonlet Twitter Comic a try.

What’s that? You don’t even have to have anything witty to say. You can still use the Toonletifier. That’s how cool it is. I mean, seriously. It never stops me.


Get your (Twitter) war on* with WebVisions at Beer and Blog Portland

Twitter Wars at Beer and BlogWebVisions—the awesome event that brings some of the best and brightest Web types to Portland every year—is hosting Beer and Blog Portland this week. And like many hosts, they want to do something that makes the event memorable.

So they’re standing up and presenting? Not exactly. They’re hosting Twitter Wars between technology factions. The prize for he or she who dominates all contenders? A free pass to WebVisions.

What are the topics about which the warring factions will argue for dominance? Well, there will be:

Tons and tons of pulse-pounding action. In a giant mud pit. We’ll sell you the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge. And all that.

This may actually be the first Beer and Blog where geek blood is spilled.

[UPDATE] With special guest stars Ken Brady and Frank Gruber (maybe).

Beer and Blog with @kenbrady and @frankgruber

Now, I’m fairly confident that I’ve got a good understanding of the topics over which the folks will be fighting. But then I get a little foggy on how the whole “Twitter War” thing works. (Me == Not so bright.) But I’m sure that once I’ve had a beer… Oh wait.

Anyway, it should go something like this:

Each panelist will have one minute to state their case, followed by 3 minutes of free-for-all. People can comment and vote via twitter the entire time.

To Vote: Tweet !v and a comment with the #hashtag and/or @panelist included. This will vote for a hashtag, panelist, or both. A person can only vote once for a hashtag or panelist, subsequent votes will be ignored, but their comments will be saved. A user can vote separately for a hashtag and a panelist to write a longer comment.

To comment: To comment only, leave out the !v and just tweet your comment with the #hashtag and/or @panelist included.

Got it? Good. Explain it to me when you get there.

Who will be on the panels? Well, that’s up to you, my crowdsourcey friend:

Nominate yourself or someone else for a panel by tweeting “@TWarsBeerBlog I nominate @username for #Topic.” (But, seriously? Whatever you do, don’t nominate @username for anything. That guy has a temper. I’m just saying.)

What do you win? A free pass to WebVisions is up for grabs for each of the battles. Not feeling battleworthy? Do you feel lucky? Well, do you? Because you also have the chance to attend WebVisions for free by answering one question. And I won’t battle you, at all.
As always or almost always, Beer and Blog will be at the Green Dragon. Hope to see you there (so you can explain the whole Twitter War thing to me). Visit Upcoming to RSVP.

* With apologies to “Get Your War On.”

Twitalyzer: Top 100 Twitter types in Portland by influence

TwitalyzerPortland-based Twitalyzer has released a new feature that allows users to rank Twitter folks for a demographic region by certain metrics, like influence, signal-to-noise ratio, generosity, velocity, and clout.

How do the Twitter types in Portland fare? Let’s take a look at the listings for today.

Here are the Top 100 Twitter types in Portland based on influence as of about 9:00 AM, today (but it has already changed—yay for dynamic data!):

  1. tweetpenguin
  2. mikeklingler
  3. stephstricklen
  4. chrisguillebeau
  5. fishfire
  6. TheSquare
  7. brampitoyo
  8. caseorganic
  9. emmortal
  10. erictpeterson
  11. theonetruebix
  12. italylogue
  13. atlanta978
  14. turoczy
  15. lynnelle
  16. ethobullion
  17. CarriBugbee
  18. 1080group
  19. SisterDiane
  20. jakks
  21. jkvirtualoffice
  22. matthewrayscott
  23. robsellen
  24. kellyrfeller
  25. lorelleonwp
  26. ravenme
  27. sabrinafina
  28. wendymaynard
  29. xolotl
  30. BikePortland
  31. jeanannvk
  32. bryanrhoads
  33. seschloss
  34. curtjonestweets
  35. cvelis
  36. jabancroft
  37. mike_ace
  38. betsywhim
  39. NBANoise
  40. selenamarie
  41. timorousme
  42. amyrsward
  43. PDXJobs
  44. haroldPDX
  45. georgeholland
  46. dieselboi
  47. znmeb
  48. DianaOfPortland
  49. girlgraphix
  50. evilspinmeister
  51. radiogretchen
  52. kentjlewis
  53. sheagunther
  54. AbbieKendall
  55. feedia
  56. macgenie
  57. pdxlilly
  58. carterlusher
  59. RobSalzman
  60. semaphoria
  61. justinkistner
  62. kimtoomey
  63. donpdonp
  64. psingleton
  65. Transitionqueen
  66. jandroid
  67. kaykas
  68. danielbachhuber
  69. brianclayville
  70. Aleta
  71. jamesshore
  72. morecontrary
  73. unclenate
  74. heathred
  75. ginarau
  76. jaycosnett
  77. aaronblew
  78. SocialMediaPDX
  79. widmer_brothers
  80. thorprichard
  81. BeverlyHogue
  82. adronbh
  83. bobhyatt
  84. lonefir
  85. ryanbuch
  86. sleeve
  87. smbguru
  88. adamboettiger
  89. jenmaxwell
  90. abrahamhyatt
  91. DrewColeman
  92. EdSchoaps
  93. ryansnyder
  94. sugarpuss
  95. JulieMorgan
  96. fredericl
  97. foodbizstartup
  98. ECdavies
  99. neddotcom
  100. pmarzullo

And while there are a number of folks missing from the list whom I would expect to be there—like Marshall Kirkpatrick and some of the Top 30 tech Twitter types from the Portland area from last year—this is still a great way to discover some local folks who you might want to follow.

For the latest rankings, metrics, and the ability to slice and dice the lists for Portland—as well as a number of other geographic regions—visit Twitalyzer.

(Hat tip Nate “@xolotl” Angell #29)


Shizzow shouts at Twitter

ShizzowI know you’re busy. Updating Twitter, blogging, running around from coffee shop to coffee shop, updating Shizzow. The list goes on and on.

If only there were some way to combine a few of those things to save you a little time.

Well, we can’t move the coffee shops any closer together, but the folks at Shizzow have come up with a way to keep your location—and your Twitter friends—up-to-date on your latest whereabouts.

Thanks to the magic of OAuth, Shizzow now shouts to Twitter.

Simply enable the feature in your External Preferences and you’ll be able to post your location update and shout to Twitter from within Shizzow.

Just want to update your location and not bug your Twitter followers? Don’t add a message. No message, no tweet.

As you may have seen, I got to test the feature down at SXSW while it was still top secret, and it performed flawlessly.

Shouting from Shizzow to Twitter

If only AT&T had performed as flawlessly, Shizzow would have been invaluable at SXSW. Unfortunately, with the Edge network cratering under the sheer girth of iPhone traffic in Austin, neither Shizzow nor Twitter managed to live up to their potential.

But now that we’re back in the land of the speedy connections, Shizzow will no doubt shine. And since many of us monitor Twitter far more than we monitor Shizzow, maybe just maybe we’ll have some more of those chance meetings that Shizzow was designed to facilitate.

For more information on the new feature, see the Shizzow post. To enable the feature for yourself, go to your Shizzow profile.



#afterhours and #getoffmylawn inspire TweetScope, dynamic pages from Twitter searches

Reid Beels has transformed Twitter searching into an art form—matching Twitter search results with thoughtful Web design that allows users to easily keep track of certain topics or hashtags in an aesthetically pleasing setting.

What started with #afterhours soon became an addiction, spawning bacon, electric blankets, CyborgCamp, and of course my personal favorite #getoffmylawn.


But Reid couldn’t keep all this to himself, so now he’s open sourced those files as TweetScope, allowing anyone with a few Ruby chops to pick up the code and begin creating dynamic pages of Twitter search results themselves:

I’ve recently cleaned up and improved the code that powers these sites and am releasing it as an open-source project: TweetScope. It’s all written in Ruby using the Sinatra web framework, both of which make me happy.

Setting up your own site with TweetScope is pretty simple.

The files and documentation are available on Github.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of pages you create.

(Hat tip Steven Walling)

SXSW 2009: 60+ Twitter accounts for Portland and Silicon Forest Twitter types

SXSW Twitter accountsThere are a number of folks from Portland and the Silicon Forest headed down to Austin, Texas, this week for SXSW. And while I’ve heard about a number of those folks anecdotally, I thought it might be helpful for all of us if we compiled a definitive list of Twitter accounts, so you can keep tabs on who’s doing what.

(Of course, to keep tabs on who’s doing what where you’ll want to sign up for Shizzow, too.)

So here’s who I have so far. Please comment if I missed you, if I missed someone you know is going, if you just signed up for a Twitter account, or if I added you thinking you were going but you’re not. I’ll make sure to update the post as comments dictate.

The current list of Twitter accounts for Portland or Silicon Forest attendees at SXSW includes:

Tentative: Nate DiNiro, Alex H Williams (see comment below)

BONUS: SXSW, SXSW Guide, SXSW is easy, and Sched.

Again, if you need to be added or removed, please comment below.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you down at SXSW.



Fly away! Be free! Shizzow launches from Portland nest in preparation for SXSW Interactive

We’ve all been watching Shizzow come into its own, from its early beginnings as a Portland-only tool to its expanding private beta to its API.

It’s been a true Portland success story. And very much embraced as a Portland tool by the Web community around here.

But there comes a time when every little startup needs to leave the nest. When it needs to spread its wings and explore the broader market.

Today, Shizzow goes national with a public launch of their social location service.

Shizzow’s new home

According to the announcement:

Today we are announcing the public launch of Shizzow, a location-based friend finder where you can declare your location, and it will notify all of your friends so that they may come join you for a drink or a cup of coffee. Shizzow has been in private beta since August 2008 with invites open only to a limited number of people in Oregon, California, and Washington. Anyone in the United States can now sign up for Shizzow with no invite required.

Why now? Shizzow has big plans for SXSW—the annual geek get together in Austin, Texas—where people are constantly trying to figure out “Where the heck are you?”

You may remember that Twitter took off at SXSW in 2007 by helping people find one another. Since then, everyone has had aspirations of recreating that magic. Shizzow has a good chance to do so, given that it’s even better suited for that “Where the heck are you?” task. Plus, they’re promising some features specifically targeted at the SXSW crowd.

But wait. There’s more.

Not only is Shizzow opening up, they’re also unveiling some of the apps that have been developed using the Shizzow API. And opening the public beta of that API.

Here’s a look at some of the apps that have already taken advantage of the API:


IceCondor is an android application that allows you to follow people and events in real-time. IceCondor takes advantage of map coordinates embedded in RSS feeds (called GeoRSS feeds) and allows them to appear as red markers on googlemaps. IceCondor works with multiple services including Brightkite, Shizzow, and Upcoming.org. Built by @donpdonp.

Shizzeeps (Alpha)

Shizzeeps.com shows you which shizzow users (known as shizzeeps) are congregating where at the moment. It also allows you to see their shout messages, and even send your own ephemeral message to the group at a particular place. Shizzeeps also offers a Twitter service: follow @shizzeeps to get updates every 15 minutes. Built by @crunchysue.

Shizzup (Alpha)

An iPhone client with list and map views of people and places, detection of nearby places to shout from, ability to auto-shout, and more. You currently need to build the Shizzup client from the source code to use it. Built by @wajiii.

f’shizzow (Alpha)

A simple Shizzow application for Android to quickly find out where your friends are, or find out who’s nearby and listen to them. See their locations on a map, or their recent shout history. Browse nearby places, search for places by name and tag, add to your favorites, and shout from them. Automatically detect your location using GPS/wifi, or manually set it on a map for finer control. You currently need to build the f’shizzow client from the source code to use it. Built by @petercowan.

Baken (Alpha)

Baken is an Android (and iPhone, eventually) app that automatically finds nearby locations from Shizzow’s database. It also provides much of the functionality found on m.shizzow.com. Matt also has plans to take the app in new directions in the near future. Built by @mattg.

Exciting times for the bootstrapped Portland startup. Here’s hoping they continue to soar. And I’ll be sure to report on how they’re received by the crowd down at SXSW.



Twestival: A Portland Tweetup on which lives depend

We need to get on this, Portland.

Next Thursday—a week from today—a worldwide gathering of Twitter types called (somewhat unfortunately) Twestival will be taking place in various cities around the globe. Portland, Oregon, is one of them.

The goal? To provide clean drinking water to the people who don’t have it.

As Portlanders we’re well aware of water. It surrounds us. It falls on us. And it bubbles up clean and clear from the Benson Bubblers.

But there are more than a billion of people who aren’t so lucky. Twestival is designed to fix that.

On 12 February 2009 175+ cities around the world will be hosting Twestivals which bring together Twitter communities for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water.


Think about it this way: What if you had to drink directly from the Willamette instead of your tap? Not so pretty.

I’m always proud of what we’ve been able to achieve as a community. Whether it’s gathering to chat. Learning about technology. Or figuring out how to build a better community. To me, this seems far more important and worthwhile than that.

Making this happen would be a great way to start another amazing year for the entire Portland Twitter community, tech oriented or otherwise.

Some of you may be way ahead of me on this one. (It wouldn’t be the first time.)

Questions? @mssonicflare and @smashedlife are heading up the efforts for Portland. Or, for additional details, visit the Portland Twestival page.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there. [UPDATE] RSVP for the Portland Twestival on Upcoming or get more details on Calagator.

Software Association of Oregon adds familiar faces, Twitter

Software Association of Oregon - SAOThe Software Association of Oregon has recently announced a new Board of Directors. And I’m happy to report that those new Board members include a number of familiar faces from companies that have graced the pages of the Silicon Florist.

“Who?” you ask?

Well, hold your horses and I’ll tell you:

Congratulations to the SAO and all of the new Board members. It’s nice to see some of the Web startups here in town getting a seat at the table.

Not only that, it’s a good direction for the SAO to be moving to ensure that they remain relevant with all of the various “tech community”s in town.

In other news, the SAO now has a Twitter presence. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. But interesting anyway.

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