Healthy content: MDiTV looks to bring video content about your health to the Web

Introducing Portland-based MDiTV, your new online resource for health information.

Today, with YouTube and Hulu and Netflix and thousands of other sites, we’ve grown very used to consuming our entertainment online. Because of that, the TV has become less and less of a modern necessity. But what about educational content? Content that’s actually good for us? Well, for all the promise of the Web, it seems that a great deal of that type of content still remains relegated to television and traditional broadcast.

Until now. Introducing Portland-based MDiTV, your new online resource for health information.

What’s MDiTV you ask?

Medical Doctor Internet Television (MDiTV) is… the first health sciences media network to exclusively use an Internet-based approach to bring relevant content to medical professionals and general consumers. MDiTV can be accessed wherever an Internet connection is available and can broadcast over your computer, television, or smartphone. The website will update often and use a unique social interface for the health care community to interact and share information.

And they’re not going to stop there.

“MDiTV will soon offer applications for iPhones, iPads, other smartphones, and Internet supported TV, allowing viewers more abundant access to live and on demand rich media programming,” said Robert Lazzara, MD, founder and CEO of MDiTV, in a press release.

Now, it’s accessible to you. With a big beautiful site.

One downside was that I couldn’t really find a way to easily embed their video. Or I would have shared it with you. And while they offer some nice social features for sharing, it’s that embedding that seems like it might curtail their growth as the go-to resource for medical news and health education.

MDiTV is working out the Leftbank project, where they have a studio set up as well. For more information or to peruse the content, visit MDiTV. Or follow @mditv.

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  2. Clearly, they are putting some money into their site and production – But, it’s a bit odd to see an internet/mobile TV venture launching these days, when all we’ve seen for 12 months are the closing down or consolidation of internet television channels/networks. Basically, no one has found a financial model that works in this space so it’s scared off most people. The Catch-22 is that even a lot of eyeballs don’t equal significant revenue, but, they do increase your cost of delivery.

    The recent APPLE mandate to abandon Flash support means more infrastructure and delivery costs for internet television (HTML5 is a great thing; but, not a breeze to work with yet). There’s the indication they realize they need some social network, but, does medical information need that? Or, does it need a more personalized hook and offering? I hope they back away from feeling that “social media” is a necessity for their niche, it may be the wrong path to go down.

    Hopefully, they’ll tack on some interactivity that can personalize the experience for Users. Medical conversations are not what you want FACEBOOK glomming onto with their invasive approach to privacy.

    Wishing this venture the best of luck. They have many hurdles ahead.

  3. We are working on the embed..it is definitely coming out soon! Thanks so much for the great post!

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