Survey, survey, who has the survey? Portland Development Commission (PDC) does. For you. Again.

Remember a few months back when you took that Portland Development Commission (PDC) survey about the state of the Portland software market? Remember the kerfuffle—albeit a justified one—that took place immediately following the release of the results?

Well, as planned, the PDC has released the next instantiation of the survey, designed to dive deeper into some of the questions and to keep the conversation with the software community going. Oh, yeah, you saw where I was going, didn’t you? Yeah. Well. Would you? Would you please take a moment to respond to the PDC software survey?

This is our second interview in the process of identifying the tools needed to develop a thriving software cluster in the Portland region.

Our first survey in April benefitted from the involvement of over 280 respondents; today’s survey seeks to validate some of the ideas that were shared.

As you may know, software is one of only four clusters that the Portland Development Commission is focusing on, so your input on this topic will have a large impact on our work!

Not only is the survey new. It’s better than ever.

That’s right. I’m happy to report that the folks at PDC have been listening to the feedback from the community, holding Town Halls, and making the requested changes.

But don’t just take my word for it. Audrey Eschright, who expressed concerns about the survey, sees the PDC moving in the right direction.

“I think this round of questions much more closely reflects the concerns and needs I’ve heard other community members express, so that’s a positive step,” Audrey wrote to Mike Rogoway over at The Oregonian.

But in her opinion, there’s still work to do.

… it still seems like the technology and business sides of the community are talking past each other, and we’re not really talking about how cultural fit affects our perception of whether Portland is a good place to be engaged in tech business activities.

For more, Mike has a great write-up on the original PDC survey and the response to this second iteration.

To complete the survey—and you know you want to—participate in the conversation with the Portland software community.

(Image courtesy Travel Portland. Used under Creative Commons.)

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