Is your customer feedback sweet or stinging? Find out with Hively

While no one really wants to have busy customer support teams—it would be better if all of our products and services worked flawlessly—we all have them. And given that we have them, getting them to be the most productive and effective group should be top of mind. They are the face of the company, after all.

That’s why there’s Hively. So that you can get immediate feedback on how they’re doing and what they could be doing better.

You may remember Hively from it’s private beta a few months back. Now, the service is open to the masses.

Hively better connects you to your customers by constantly asking them one very important question… How did I do? Your customers can answer that question any time they want with one click. Because it’s convenient and simple, your customers will happily give you more feedback.

And guess what? If you’ve got a small team, you can even try it for free. That’s right. Teams of three get to try the full-fledged service to see how it works.

Then each member of the team just needs to slap a little chunk of code in his or her email signature. And voila! Your company is all ready to receive feedback. Quickly and easily.

Sound interesting? Head on over to Hively for more info.

  1. Interesting program. I love the results!

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