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The Barack Obama school of interviewing: How startups can nail their next interaction with the press

[Editor: Getting the attention of the press can be difficult. For anyone. When you’re a startup, it’s even more difficult. And bloggers? They’re nearly impossible. I mean, look at me? I’m a train wreck. But Sean Blanda can help. Here are some tips and tricks for getting your story out there.] Read More

Are bloggers members of the media? US District judge in Portland says no… but may have missed something

Now, I’m used to having the “journalist” vs “blogger” argument. I’m not a journalist. I’m a blogger. I’m not terribly objective. And a great deal of Silicon Florist is my hemming and hawing about all of the awesome things going on in Portland. I mean, let’s be honest. At best, Silicon Florist is like People magazine or TMZ.

But now the argument has taken a bit of different turn. Thanks to a ruling against a blogger in a US District Court. Right here in Portland, Oregon. Read More

How you too can be a media whore: GadgetTrak’s Ken Westin shares his secrets for hacking the press

If there’s one startup in Portland that continues to pile up impressive media coverage—especially coverage by traditional outlets which don’t usually cover startups—it’s GadgetTrak. And there’s a reason.

You see, CEO Ken Westin has made hacking the media and press and art form. It’s become his best way of ensuring that his product gets in front of more customers. Read More

Experience The Brave New World of Media today… or at least on November 17

While we’ve still got a few days left before we’re living in the future envisioned by Aldous Huxley, we do live in a pretty entertaining time where everyone is both a creator and a consumer of media—in all of its various formats. But what does this mean for the world of media? And how is changing the business of media?

Well, the folks behind the annual WebVisions conference may have composed a event that can answer that very question. Meet The Brave New World of Media. Read More

Want to profit off of streaming media? Attend OEN PubTalk tonight. I mean in person.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Where aspiring entrepreneurs stand up and pitch their startup story to a beer quaffing crowd. That’s right. It’s time for OEN PubTalks.

And while any sort of startup is allowed to pitch during the events, here at Silicon Florist, we always take an interest in those startups with more of a techie bent. Tonight, one of those startups will be taking the stage at OEN PubTalk Seed Oregon 2010 – Round 2. Read More

We [Already] Make the Media. Now, we need to organize a nonprofit to help Portland journalism prosper.

We Make the Media is a team of veteran journalists who have a vested interest in seeing journalism continue to persevere and survive—despite what may be happening in the world of media.

You’re hearing it more and more. There’s something special happening in Portland these days. There’s a groundswell, a number of things coming together, and just a general feeling of momentum around the reinvention of how we both produce and consume media.

To date, it’s been very much of a grassroots effort. Separate people doing their own thing. Or small groups of independent blogs, podcasts, and publications fighting the good fight.

Now, there may be an organization to help. Introducing We Make the Media. Read More

In depth discussions about Portland, podcasting, and the death of traditional media? That’s Crazy Talk

Introducing Crazy Talk a new podcast from Dr. Normal that brings the backroom conversations of the Portland Oregon tech community to the forefront.

Here in the Portland blogging, startup, and open source community, we get into a bunch of conversations. Conversations about the future. Conversations about how to make a living doing what we love. Conversations about what we could do to make things better.

But so many of these conversations are lost in the ether or wedged into the gray matter of the few people who were involved in the conversation. Until now.

Introducing Crazy Talk, a new podcast from Dr. Normal that brings the backroom conversations of the Portland tech community to the forefront. Read More

Sad news: Oregon Media Insiders blog calling it quits [Updated]

I just heard that Oregon Media Insiders—arguably the de facto resource for all things mainstream media related in Portland—is no more. Writer Lynn Siprelle has decided to hang up the pen after the site led to the destruction of a friendship.

A post entitled “I’m done” outlines Lynn’s reasons behind the shutdown. Read More