Month: August 2012

Just what the doctor ordered: Electronic healthcare startup Kryptiq gets snapped up by Surescripts

When Surescripts pumped a strategic investment into Hillsboro-based healthcare startup Kryptiq, it seemed as if the writing was already on the wall—if the companies worked well together. Read More

Portland mobile developers: The Square is looking for a few good apps

You know those tabs you leave open in your browser, week after week? “Oh that’s interesting,” your inner monologue tells you. “I should do something with that.”

Well, I’ve had one of those tabs sitting there. And I figured it would be better to just write something quick. In case you missed it. Read More

Get in on these mix and match magical electronic musical instruments

Here’s some breaking news: Portland loves it some Kickstarter. Oh wait. That’s pretty obvious. But I’ve got to say, the way folks are using the service—and the amazing stuff they’re building—is a constant source of inspiration and awe. Take for example one of the latest successful projects, Molecule Synth. Read More

Nodester enshrouded in Fog: Portland’s AppFog acquires open source Node.js platform

It’s always nice to see a Portland startup having the wherewithal to aggressively augment their team with an acquisition. And today, AppFog made a play in that regard, acquiring Nodester, the first and only 100% open source Node.js platform. Read More

It’s called a community for a reason

Most days, I chirp about how great the Portland startup scene is. How amazing all of you are. And how wonderful it is to be part of our community.

But then there are some days—like today—where I have an obligation to share less than happy news. Read More

Keeping It Realtime Conference is keeping it in Portland, October 23-24

I know, I know. I keep saying how September in Portland is going to be amazing. But you know what? October is going to incredible, as well. One example? The Keeping It Realtime conference is returning to Portland, this year. Read More

Put your Portland startup on the map: Sign up to be part of the PDX Startup Crawl, September 6

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: this September in Portland is going to be insanely awesome. There are any number of interesting events happening in town during the month. And now, you’ve got the chance to take part. Read More

Running with responsive Web design: Athletepath at Mobile Portland, this Monday

Portland startup Athletepath had a big test this weekend when they provided the official race results for the largest relay race in the world, the Hood To Coast Relay. And to serve that massive audience, they had to have a mobile presence that could withstand the onslaught of tens of thousands of athletes and fans. Read More

Like music and tech? Well for that, you’ll need Bandwidth

When it comes right down to it, tech is as creative of an industry as any. So it comes as no surprise that, in a day and age where tech is becoming more and more accessible, that other art forms are beginning to crossover and merge with it. Music is a great example. Read More

September just got even more awesome: Spotify, MapQuest, and Twilio sponsoring MFNW+PDX Music Hack Day

Just when you thought your September couldn’t get any better… I’m happy to announce that—as part of the Portland Digital eXperience (PDX) conference—Portland will be host to a Music Hack Day. The good news is that it’s open to the public. The even better news is who is getting involved. Read More

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