Month: January 2013

Get an iPhone or iPod Touch for the holidays? Make your gaming experience that much better with WynCASE

While many folks get an iPhone to be—well, a phone—many soon discover that it works far better as a gaming and computing device than an actual phone. But that gameplay can often leave a bit to be desired. Read More

Apply yourself: Pending deadlines for Portland Seed Fund, OEN Angel Oregon, Nike+ Accelerator, Upstart Labs

Okay, you’ve had your fun. But let’s be honest, we’re almost to Epiphany and twelve drummers drumming in a Portland drum circle or whatever. Time to get out of the laying-low mode and back into full production. Read More

Looking back: Visualizing Silicon Florist headlines from 2012

Sometimes, ridiculously long headlines prove to have some value. Especially when you cram all of those words into a word cloud generator. Which is what I like to do from time to time. So sue me. Read More

Fail blogging: 27 Portland startup topics I should have covered in 2012

Honestly, I got into this whole blogging thing with the best intentions. I swear. But sometimes, the little side project that is Silicon Florist takes a back seat to other efforts. And some stories fall by the wayside. But that doesn’t mean that they’re any less important. Read More

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