Month: January 2013

Meetings: How not to suck at them

[Editor: Most of us go to meetings, but do we really get value out of them? As a startup, every second counts. And every meeting matters. Eli Rubel, cofounder and CEO of Glider, provides some awesome guidance on how to get the most out of meeting. *cough* And they’re hiring. *cough*] Read More

Two of the five most well funded social software startups are Portland companies says Jeremiah Owyang

Now, I know as well as anyone that Portlanders have overly aggressive humility. And that folks are unwilling to toot their own horns. But when independent research shines a spotlight on what’s happening here, that’s worth embracing. Such was the case today with Jeremiah Owyang. Read More

Bulking up the 800 lbs gorilla: Social login juggernaut Janrain lands $33 million to accelerate growth

Confirming the rumors that started swirling last week, TechCrunch and The Oregonian confirmed that Portland’s Janrain had closed a $33 million round of funding, led by Millennium Technology Value Partners. Read More

That's more like it: Portland startup scene well represented in Portland Business Journal's Forty under 40

The startup scene is a relatively young crowd full of people focused on changing the world. But they don’t always do the best job of promoting themselves. So they often don’t get the recognition they deserve. Read More

Leaping into 2013: A recruiter’s thoughts on startup hiring for job-seekers and hiring teams

[Editor: The new year often has folks looking for new jobs. So now seemed to be the perfect time to share this guest post from Aimee Fahey, a local recruiter who has helped a number of startups fill critical positions with awesome people.] Read More

What we can learn from design: TresPlace & Design

[Editor: It’s time for another installment in our ongoing series from TresPlace, a Portland startup who has offered to share their journey—good and bad—with Silicon Florist.] Read More

"Founders have a shelf life": ShopIgniter founder Alan Wizemann steps back from day-to-day operations

One of the most challenging things for any entrepreneur is recognizing his or her limitations. That’s one of the many reasons why entrepreneurs are so good at making mistakes. They simply can’t help it. So when a startup type does recognize those limitations? That’s often a very, very good read. Read More

When big companies come calling, startups should beware

[Editor: While I always enjoy covering stories, I can’t overstate the value of firsthand accounts. That’s why we’re running the series from TresPlace. And why we’re honored to share this insight from entrepreneur Ken Westin.]

I remember the first time a well-known consumer computer security company contacted me. Read More

It's never too late to buy gifts: InComm acquires Portland startup Giftango

Starting off the new year, many folks are looking for a little bit of change. Well, Portland-based Giftango just started the year with a pretty big one. You see, the company has been acquired by Atlanta-based InComm. Read More

See how Portland International Airport (PDX) uses Meridian for managing internal mobile maps

Portland has one of the better airports around. But when you’re hurrying to a flight or trying to grab a bite between planes, every little bit helps. That’s when a lot of folks pull out their phones and look for a little guidance. Read More

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