Month: February 2013

Benefits of loyalty: Portland's Perka one of Fast Company's most innovative for 2013

It’s no secret that Portland has a coffee shop or two. And a ton of other craft artisans. So it only stands to reason that it would be home to a company pursuing technology to help independent baristas, barbers, restauranteurs, and other small merchants drag their loyalty programs into the 21st century. Read More

It's like being able to walk into a shop in your PJs: Your BrandLive brings brick and mortar retail experiences to the Web

Fresh off a recent stint with the Portland Seed Fund, Your BrandLive has announced the release of the “first live video social commerce platform to create flash sales for leading online retailers.” Read More

Picture this: Josh Friedman signs on as CEO of GigaPan Systems

Sometimes you found companies. Sometimes you join a company that’s poised for success. The latter is the case today as serial entrepreneur Josh Friedman takes the helm of GigaPan Systems. Read More

Handcrafted startups: Upstart Labs captures the Portland ethos with a hands-on approach to building companies

Whenever someone asks me what sets Portland apart from other up and coming startup scenes, one word always jumps to mind: craft. Portland is a town of makers. Of makers who pay particular attention to their craft. To detail. Be it code or beer or food or clothing. Read More

I am the Architect: Portland World Information Architecture Day 2013, February 9

Whenever there are worldwide hacks or events, it’s always nice to have Portland in the mix. That’s why it’s cool that we’ve got our own portion of the World Information Architecture Day 2013, this Saturday, February 9. Even better? It’s free. Read More

Big Urban Airship announcement gets a little love from KGW

I’m always more than a little giddy when the traditional media pick up on Portland startup stories. And when it’s on the teevee? That makes me even more giddy. Read More

Cozying up: Instrument and Urban Airship alum Matt King joins Cozy as they open a Portland office

It’s a good time to be in Portland. And while our homegrown startups are knocking it out of the park, we’re attracting startups from elsewhere, too. Take Cozy, a Bay Area startup that just hired Portland-native Matt King—an alum high-powered local shops like Instrument and Urban Airship—and opened up a Portland office. Read More

How high is up? Urban Airship lands another $25 million in funding, led by August Capital

Portland has seen an upswing of funding for startups in recent months. And it’s showing no signs of slowing. The latest announcement? Push-notification juggernaut Urban Airship has secured an additional $25 million in funding—led by August Capital—bringing UA’s total funding up to $46.6 million. Read More

NTEN alum Holly Ross joins Drupal Association as Executive Director

Around 18 months ago, Portland garnered another jewel in its open source crown when the Drupal Association—the nonprofit that helps manage the Drupal codebase and community—decided to call Portland home. Read More

Heading to SXSW? Don't miss Urban Airship's Mobile Saturday

If you’ve been to an event at Urban Airship‘s Portland headquarters, you may be familiar with a giant metal dirigible that sits alongside the meeting space in the building. What you may not know is that contraption was slated to be part of a big SXSW event, last year. If it hadn’t rained most of the time. Read More

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